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  1. Thanks 👍Well, once a week is ok, later on it's Overgrown
  2. Thanks for reply. Well Im Using micro fert with FE (EDTA) and addition of 13% Fe HEEDTA helate. I INCREASED the doses Just some days ago so Maybe plants not fully reacted yet. Daily dose od Fe is around 0.7ppm. It gives 0.49 weekly. I See Mmiller dislikes my experiment with sodium to raise kh xD first time I did that cause I red kh is ph buffer which is unstable with kh 0. I had 4:1 ca:mg ratio before, but due to some experiments I get 2:1. I need to tell you im curious Why you all prefer gh 5 and lower 😛 in my country Poland (Europe) the planted tanks mostly are at gh 8 and people here Recommend it as the best. As you See I like experiment some 😛 The WRGB light I did myself also 😛 and cover from foamed PCV. :P,
  3. My friend thanks and sorry for not immediate reply and missundersnanding. I was few days out from home. Yes Im using drop checker. Yes I agree and saw pogostemon erectus strange color at the upper parts. I did increased Fe and micro and It seems to be Little but better on fluviatilis tonine (Photo) what do you think? Now I got KH2 and GH 7, ph not measured. I had kh 0-1 but increased to 2 by adding NaHCO₃. To not have Co2 levels so unstable. Actually I have 10ppm of No3, 1.1ppm of Po4 and 17ppm K. I did some plants rotation and put polygonum sao Paulo at the middle back.
  4. IT May be ludwigia mini Sp. Red you are asking of or althernathera rosanervig. (not sure which one you asking of) Maybe add circle around the plant you are interrested in so I can tell you. 🙂
  5. Hello, tests by drop checkers. Daily dosed salts to hold parameters in the water column. (like adding 1ppm N, 0.2ppm P, 0.15ppm K Daily and K after water change to level of 20+-) using different micros for tests (tropica premium, profito, csmb Daily, changed bottles weekly for check is that micro problem) 30 galons tank. Weekly water changes. What else... Everything seems somewhat okey beside tonina fluviatilis.
  6. Problem with tonina, The leaves have clearances. Ca 20, Mg 12, K 17, Kh 1, GH 6 No3 10, PO4 1, Fe 0.25. Light power led + wrgb 40W, chichiros A II 801 30W, 10h, max 9h. Co2 inline reactor . Reverse osmosis + Mineralizer.. .
  7. Hello I would like to show some pics of my tank 🤗 https://youtu.be/lt69JbEUnvQ
  8. Yep I can add more Fe, got some "Fe hybrid" stand alone Fe fert. I bought today inline co2 diffuser (ProGrow even Flow) so now external filter spreading ultra Tiny bubbles around the tank it should help also with Co2 distribution. Tomorrow Glass cleaning and some vaccuming, plants shakin'. We'll See. I put Photo of the New diffuser.
  9. I try 1.5ppm No3 instead of 3ppm Daily to lower the dosage. You May be right. Im doing like 40% w. Change. Profito (micro ingridients) ; it's somthing like trace (tropica premium, seachem trace) but in addition got some extra things as you can check down: Fe(2+): 0,12% K: 0,7% Mg: 0,09% Mn: 0,04% I: 0,02% B: 0,008% Cu, Mo, Zn, Li: 0,002% Ni, Co, Al, Sn, F: 0,001% V, Se: 0,0005%
  10. 2 years Old, 900l/h declared around 500l/h real turnover. Now I changed some fert rates up and back to light 100% and 30% chihiros and situation gets better but not yet fixed. Currert fertilizing Daily: 3ml profito, 3ppm No3, 2ppm K, 0.5ppm Po4. Weekly (0.25 Fe from Profito, 21ppm No3, 14ppm K, 3.5ppm Po4.) When situation was worst there was 1.5ml profito, 1.5ppm No3, 1ppm K, 0.2ppm Po4.
  11. Thanks, alredy got some algae but it can be fixed xD
  12. Hello, nice to be here, we are learning all the time so, hope this forum will be nice piece of knowledge to accuire 🙂
  13. Hey people, greetings. ✌️👍 Anyone Maybe can help? What cause and what kind of algae is that? Tip; when shakin plant by hand it Fall off. Plants seems healthy. It's combined with green dust algae on the Glass which I have problem too. Parameters: 112l, fluval 207 with sponges and Matrix, pressured Co2, RO mineralized to GH 7,.Kh 1-2, Ca 35, Mg 9, K 15. No3 10, PO4 (active substrate) so not present in water column. 0.3ppm Daily. Fe 0.1 or less (micro profito Daily 1.5ml) CO2 30 (spreading by circulator) , 8h light, chihiros A II 801 30W 8000k (dimmed to 20% for fight algae) DIY power led 39W (dimmed 50% for fight algae) (white full spectrum , pink full spectrum, Deep red, Royal blue, 4000k, 6000k,8000k) Not overcrowded tank, 15, cardinal tetras, 6x otocinclus, 7x amano shrimp, 6x Behleri. (barbs at Photo are in other tank) I have other fertilizers like tropica specialized, tropica premium, seachem trace, Fe, some salts to can add separately...
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