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  1. Many thanks for the replies! It moves exactly like that in the water. 😄 I found a picture similar to it after searching for "freshwater leeches". Thank you for putting me on the right track.
  2. Hello! I just received a few freshwater snails for breeding, and this little guy was a stowaway. Any idea of what this might be? I asked the breeder, but he was very surprised at the size and presence of this thing on the snails, and did not know what it could be. I thought it might be planaria, but cannot find a picture online to help me ID it. It "walks" head to toe like a cartoon inch worm and has brown lines down the back. It was on the side of a snail, laying flat out like a piece of paper against the shell. Looks like it has organs inside of it. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. We had to say goodbye to Jareth, our betta today. 😞

    We got the Most beautiful pictures of him while he was mating. He would just float there in front of our female with his fins all flared out and very brightly colored, and it looked as if time just froze in the tank. He was the most tolerant betta I have ever had. He co-habitated with shrimp and snails, and our female betta for a while during mating attempts.

     We made a good, long go of it little man 💜🐟, and thankfully stayed healthy throughout retirement. 👍RIP, little guy.

  4. Yes, I believe it to be Caulerpa prolifera now. My mistake was believing a pic app and some Google images over walking, talking (experienced) people here answering my question lol *facepalm* 🤦‍♀️ Many thanks to you guys for helping me out with this one. 💜 Especially Odd Duck. Though, now I know who I may go to for some other questions haha 😁😇 I was just kind of taken in with the look of this particular plant and really wanted to learn enough about it to bring some home. I have a feeling it is a lot smaller than I imagine, though.
  5. Ty guys! I will concentrate on those specifics in my continued search. 😊
  6. hehe Yes I went the plant ID photo apps, too. It is not Caulerpa prolifera, though.
  7. 🙂 'Ello! Does anyone know what the name of this plant is, by chance? I saved a screenshot from an aquarium plants search, but have lost all other info on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 😊
  8. Hello guys! 🙋‍♀️ Nice to meet you. I actually own said "clown puke" gravel (lol). But, you are right, it is not a good look for a pretty, planted tank like the one you ended up with. 👍 Kudos!
  9. 'Ello to the forum community!  😃 Happy to be joining in.

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