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  1. 1. Had it for about 1.5-2 years 2. It has one other of the same species. I know that is too small but just haven’t been able to go get some more. 3. 20 gal 4. 10ppm nitrate 0ppm nitrite 180+ kh 7.6 ph 0ppm chlorine 0ppm ammonia tank has been only topped off in the last two weeks two neons and two black skirt tetras (again haven’t been to the store yet). They are not looking ill at the moment but others have lost some over the last few months to some form of illness the food has been increased a little bit. They get two sinking pellets and one pinch of food per day. If I am making mistakes remember that I have little experience in treating disease.
  2. I’ve got an albino cory cat that is discolored and lethargic. I believe it is sick and would like to know how to fix it.
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