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  1. Thanks Patrick I wentvwith the whisper and your right it's silent. Perfect for the bedroom tank. Thank you
  2. Hi all. Sorry for all the filtering questions. I'm new and confused. I ordered the sponge filters here but not clear if I still need a air stone or two. I know the sponge filter bubbles so not sure. Thanks for the patience with me.
  3. I'm not sure still if I want a hang on the back or sponge filters. Any advice on this?
  4. I'm considering getting rid of my undergravel filter but I need a super quiet over the back filter. The tank is in the bedroom. I have a tetra now but the motor is really loud.
  5. Here us today's readings 2/12 HR ph. 8.2 Ammonia .25 No2. 0 No3. 0
  6. These are the levels I have as of today. This us the last 3 days
  7. Thank you I do have the master test kit I've been using. Also my fish store gave me a sponge from one if there tanks but I still can't get it to cycle. I've been putting in fish food. I'm at my wits end. I has to move all the fish to my 3 gallon tank so I didn't lose them all. So far 4 dead out if 11. Might have another one headed out as well. I'm so stressed. I've also been using prime.
  8. I'm just getting back into aquariums and had an undergravel system before and bought a new lee. I can't get the tank ready for fish. I have killed 4 already. I just purchased the sponge filter from the co-op. Do I need both or should I take out the undergravel and just use sponges. 20 gallon tank. No fish yet because the tank killed then all. Thanks
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