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  1. I found a cure for my fish and it is fully recovered!!!!! Thanks for all the advice, it really helped👍
  2. Good to know, thnks a lot!!!
  3. Much appriciated!!! I will write it down and go to my local fish store!!
  4. Ooh ok thank you, i live in The Netherlands, and there are some good fish stores here so i will go for information there. I will try to catch the fish and put it in a separate tank. By the way, for now i have only seasalt on hand, how much should i put in the water?
  5. I took a more close up picture, hope you can see it better.
  6. Ok thank you, I will separate it,........if i can catch it🙈🙈🙈 I also heard you can put seasalt in the water, is that True?
  7. I had to taken a picture from a distantie because when i get close to the tank, it hikes. The fish doesn't look fuzzy or someting, he is active and eats and beiden that white thing it looks healthy. Aswel as my other fish, my ramsj even have eggs again, so water parameters are good
  8. Yes it's on top of a rock. There is a white thing handig undre his mouth, there is nthing missing.
  9. What happened to my cory cat???? It has a weird white thing under his or her mouth. It is active and eats normal though
  10. I think he or she likes it in my tank, cause this is a big julie cory!!😃
  11. Good question!!! I learned that when you plant your tank heavily that it could work, so i'm planning to get more plants in my tank.
  12. Unfortunately my rams ate the eggs, hopefully i will be more lucky next time!! But i can whatch them for hours!!😍
  13. Ooh congrats yourself Daphne!!! Exciting times for us now😀
  14. Yes that is what i understand that it can be that they will not hatch, but i am so excited since this is my very first set up, and i only have them for a week now! It is so fun to whatch them defending the ford the whole day😃
  15. I think i am going to be a grandma!!!!🤪🥳🥳🥳
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