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  1. I moved my 12ish gallon mini ricefish pond in from the outside deck to the inside the house about a week ago. I just noticed mold started growing on the base of the plants and substrate. Know idea why that is or what’s going on. Water clarity still seems fine. Realized I’m out of test strips otherwise I’d give water parameters as well 🙄 Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I’ve got a little tank of ramshorns to feed to my puffer. I don’t cull for color or anything since they’re all going to be food but I do get decent sized ones in every color, from red to grey-ish to more white-ish shells and feet. I’m thinking color is genetic and isn’t lost with age…I could be TOTALLY wrong though! Lol
  3. I’ve got 3 yo-yo’s in my 75g. One has always been waaaaay chubbier than the other two for years. Doesn’t ever seem to drop eggs or anything or get smaller. I wouldn’t worry too much about it other than getting them in the 55 once you get it set up. They’re a really fun active fish to have.
  4. That angelfish is beautiful, saw him in the Q-tank a few days ago. The Mrs. was definitely eyeing him 👀
  5. Looks like a great start! Can’t wait to see it finished!!! 🙌
  6. I’m just north of Seattle, pretty close to the co op actually. The water has been crystal clear for several months after the initial bloom when I set up the pond. It’s in a shady corner of the deck so even with temps being in the 80’s the water seems to be hovering at 60-70 degrees. The rice fish seem super happy with it though. I’m thinking of maybe setting up another one next year in a place that gets more sun. I haven’t gotten any fry and I’m wondering if the fish just want to get be a little bit warmer to breed. The plants are thriving and I haven’t lost any fish, so I can’t really complain. We tend to have more mild winters than you guys out east. I’m planning on adding a small heater once the temps drop and cover the plants in frost cloth…and hope for the best 🤞
  7. Thanks! The crazy thing is, I feel like I underfeed this tank the most since it’s my only tank that didn’t have live plants and I know there’s nothing to use those extra nutrients. I’ve got two plecos in the tank and I can’t even put wafers in for them without the cichlids gobbling them up immediately 🫤 I’ll head to the co op and pick up a couple assassin snails. At least that next post will have a cooler sounding title! Haha
  8. I had a real problem…still do 😬 I ended up consolidating several small tanks to two 75g and then got myself a big 125g…I find I really enjoy the bigger tanks more and they’re a lot less work than the 20g and smaller ones….I still have a few of those but tending to the bigger ones really helped curb my itch!
  9. Soooooo I accidentally created a Malaysian trumpet snail sanctuary in one of my African Cichlid tanks. I noticed a few in my mbuna tank a while back after adding some new plants. I threw them in my 75g peacock tank figuring they’d do a good job churning up the sand. Now I month later there is like a billion of them…and that might be a low estimate. Is there anything I can do? Or do I just need to accept I screwed up and created a monster? I’ve got a couple pufferfish in other tanks but they don’t seem all that interested in eating them and I’m gun shy to add more than one at a time to see if they’ll eat them. Any advice would be great!
  10. That’s great to know! I haven’t seen any fry yet which is a bummer but the fish seem happy (probably from a protein packed fry diet 🙄) and the plants are exploding! There is a very slow “waterfall” in the pond and I’m wondering if that might be creating to much current? Most of the rice fish set ups I’ve seen are basically still so that could be contributing to the lack of fry? There is a TON of water lettuce and hyacinth covering basically the entire top of the water and I haven’t really moved it around and looked for fry, so I might have some and just not realize it…maybe I’ll go take a look now!
  11. I wish, Bruno is such a chunk though I can barely keep up!
  12. Mini pond is looking phenomenal! Everybody was right about the plants clearing up the water. I think I only did one or two big water changes early on and the water has been crystal clear ever since! 🙌 The plants are growing better than I ever could've imagined up top too, I thought for sure they’d all be dead in a week! I’ve been dosing it with easy green, not sure if I really need to but it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything. Hoping your guppy pond works out! I’ve kept guppies in fairly high temps with GBR and it seemed to work. I think if you keep things shaded it’ll work out just fine!
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