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  1. That definitely makes sense @Jessica.! I went that way, one, because of Cory's advice but also because it made the most sense to me personally since this poor fish was already having the roughest go of it and I've heard that the treatment isn't the easiest thing on their little bodies. And per this post thanks to you and others I'm feeling encouraged to follow my gut a little more than before all of this. Thank you @Cory! That is exactly what I'll do. I appreciate the 3-5 day method guidance. That makes a lot of sense and helps me on knowing how to make a decision moving forward for sure!
  2. @Jessica.That is good to know. I was doing the method Cory recommended to dose and let it sit for a week. Is it okay that I didn't go back to back daily with the maracyn already?
  3. Thank you so much for your kind words @Daniel. I was actually nervous posting so much cause I didn't want to seem like I was pestering. But this is my first fish and I figured if I kept posting pictures if something was going really wrong someone would tell me. I took a guess on the second dose on Tuesday but I think it was the right call cause the fungus seemed like it was flaring up again in a couple spots. I figured since the packaging said you could dose daily with water changes after 4 days would be okay. I did water changes and dosed on the 9th and the 13th. I also only did 10 gallons dose despite my tank being a 15g (13gal of water). I'm gonna give it the rest of the day to see how the little white bits on the tip of her newly grown fin looks before I do a water change and decide on the 3rd dosing. (Unless someone says otherwise 😅)
  4. Fire is looking pretty good. Considering dosing ichX and maracyn one more time after a water change today. It would be the third treatment. Her Dorsal fin is growing back!! Yesterday morning it was nothing but two clear little bits. Now it is all about a millimeter tall when she sits still and isn't zipping around. She is a fiend for the Xtreme Krill Flakes.
  5. I'm wondering if I should dose again? I dosed last Friday and have been letting it sit and things were looking better but this morning there are a couple bubbles of spots of fungus that have grown on her left side. Yesterday I could start to see on the dorsal fin being clear which I've read is the fin growing back? Few Hours Later* Those puffs are gone now and there looks to be a pretty deep hole where it was. I probably just need to take Cory's advice from yesterday's live and be patient. I ordered her the xtreme flakes instead of the generic flake the store sold me so I'm excited to see if she likes them. Water Parameters still look good! Low nitrates and zero ammonia or nitrites. A few hours later when those puffs are gone. She is still super active and eating.
  6. @Maggie Thank you, I was very sad. I do think my blue was a male because his dorsal fin was pointy. From what I read males have longer pointy dorsal fins and females have shorter and rounded dorsal fins. I did put in a tablespoon of salt the day before the meds arrived because I was so worried I was going to lose Fire too. I haven't noticed a negative effect on the plants but I also did about a 35% water change before dosing the meds so that further diluted the salt. I had heard over and over again to have the meds just in case. It truly did not register to me how quickly they can show a sign and then down turn for the worst. It was less than 24 hours that I lost Ice from bringing him home. On Fire, that tiny white fungus spec was huge in less than 24 hours. I won't make this mistake again and before I get more fish I will have a quarantine tank and sponge filter prepped. She is moving around a lot today and ate all of the flakes I put in this morning (maybe 1/8th of a teaspoon worth because I know you aren't really supposed to feed much during treatment). I am hopeful she will make it through!
  7. I am feeling more hopeful today. I also used stress coat when I did the water change before dosing IchX/Maracyn instead of just dechlorinater. Fire is moving around a lot more today. I don't know how to tell if things are visually improving. The fungus seems to be getting longer. I'm just glad she isn't struggling in the corner today. The water is a little cloudy but I think that is normal with the maracyn.
  8. @Ben Ellison That was my gut feeling from the beginning and I equally wish that was the case and don't at the same time. I wish it to be true because I am so very discouraged with these being my first fish and I really did a ton of research on what I wanted and felt like I was super patient before bringing them home. It would make me feel better to know it isn't me. On the other hand... that is unfortunate not only for her business but also those poor fish. It really highlights the quality at aquarium co-op to pre-quarantine the fish they bring in. I have two other LFS I'll be trying instead. I just dosed IchX and Maracyn but things aren't looking good. Fire is mostly hanging out in the front corner very close to the substrate and won't eat. She is definitely in distress and my heart aches about it. If she doesn't survive is there something I need to do to the entire aquarium before attempting new fish again?
  9. @Pete Thank you for the link for extra detailed instructions. I put in some salt this morning because I felt so bad and will happily replant the tank if I can save the fish. I keep looking out the window and checking my tracking number for the trio to arrive today. Really wish I had primed the sponge filter well before this so I could do a full quarantine tank and do full salt dosage. Learning lessons the hard way I guess.
  10. The tiny white spot from yesterday is now a huge spot. I am so baffled at how quickly things go wrong with little fishies. I am so stressed that I am doing something wrong.
  11. @CoryThank you so so so much! I really appreciate your time and advice!! I'll do that and report back.
  12. @Ben Ellison On Tuesday 10/6 when I brought them home these were the parameters. I have a seachum amonia reader in the tank and I test with the Tetra strips. Amonia GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp <0.02 300 120 7.8 0 20 78.3 Here are my tests for today 10/8. They look to be the same minus a dip in kH (The chlorine is 0 white the brown from the hardness trickled down) Amonia GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp <0.02 300 80 7.8 0 20 78.1 dip @MickS77Thank you for the link, I didn't get to tune into the live so I'll check that out now! Maybe that was it. It seemed like everything said they were a peaceful calm community fish. I believe Fire is a female and ice was a male. Fire was alot more active and did seem to be a busy body all around ice. Can stress kill them that quickly? It had been barely a day and a half. I guess between the move and the tank. They came from the same tank at the store but I guess that doesn't mean much. @Cory Thank you for the advice! Now Fire has a white spot on her Dorsal fin that I am guessing could be ich? It is really hard to get a clear picture of her because she is zooming all over the place. It wasn't there this morning when I found dead Ice. I ordered the trio on Tuesday and it should be here tomorrow. Should I dose the tank with all three tomorrow?
  13. Well a day and a half after bringing Fire and Ice home... Ice has died. I'm so sad. He is discolored when I found him this morning. Is his cause of death identifiable? I'm worried about Fire now. I knew something was wrong. Yesterday he just wasn't half as active as Fire. My heart is sad...
  14. @StreetwiseThat's fair! That is a great ice breaker idea! @Ben Ellison I believe that is the amount she told me so that likely is the exact case! I'm likely over concerned with them being my first fish.
  15. @StruggleThank you for taking the time to give me so much advice. I guess it mostly seemed like strange advice with her knowing I had a planted tank and having told her these were my first fish. I felt like she thought I was more naïve than I personally feel I am. I spent weeks researching the fish I was going to pick and have watched hundreds of hours of youTube content and lurked so many forum posts. I know I have a life time to still learn and I know she obviously knows much more than me. It just felt so *fishy* to be told to use salt in a planted tank. Preemptively dosing salt consistently (she said to do it even after every water change) seemed more like a disease purpose rather than a mineral purpose. But I don't know enough to know by experience so I guess like @Jessica.said I gotta just sift through what people say and figure out what works for me and in the future do like you said @Struggle and not be so afraid to walk away from a situation. Only time will tell how it pans out with my first fishies. I am already so fond of them. I'll be sad if they pre-emptively die. For now I won't dose the salt. I had just gotten in an extra sponge filter that I put in the back compartment of the aquarium to prime it in case I need to do a quarantine container and salt dose and I ordered the med trio as well. Thank you for all of those tips for picking out a fish @Jessica. I'll definitely reference that list the next time I go. I was so nervous by the whole experience I didn't even think to ask about how long they had been there. The blue one was active all day but is now sitting in the corner behind the filter current. Not sure if it is cause it is darker now or if because something is wrong. I guess I'll just keep an eye out and see how the first few days pan out and keep my fingers crossed. 🤞🤞🤞
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