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  1. @Coluthat is what I figured. Guess I will just keep it shrimp and snails. Maybe one day I will move them to a 10 gallon, put endlers or guppies in too and just give in to the baby making machines.
  2. I have a planted 5 gallon that currently only has two nerite snails in it. I wanted to add some cherry shrimp but don't want them to multiply exponentially. Is there a fish I can add to control the population and not eat the adults? Or would adding a fish create too much of a bioload for a 5 gallon?
  3. @xXInkedPhoenixXThanks! And what a cutie. I love them and want one so bad.
  4. I know that hillstream loaches can handle the same water parameters as a betta from watching the Aquarium Co-Op youtube video. Would a hillstream loach be able to live with a betta in a 20 gallon long community tank?
  5. @Guppysnail Phew! Thank you! I don't mind the look. This is good to know. I just worried I'd poisoned the tank some how. @jwcarlson It could have definitely been damaged in shipping. I got a little nervous though when I noticed it on the moss. I will try that with the anubias's though and hope for the best.
  6. I have a 20 long that I am trying to cycle with plants. I have a sponge filter and used CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate. It has been going for a few weeks and no algae. I added the Aquarium Co-op fertilizer and root tabs. I noticed some white mold around and in one plant. I thought it was just that one. Then I checked another one and it had completely rotted away as well. I picked up the moss and there was white mold everywhere. I looked at the other plant leaves and it looks like there are mold spores on them. What do I do to fix this? What did I do wrong to cause this? Help!
  7. @Ben_RF Thanks! I love the idea of putting the breeder box in.
  8. @Greg StewartGood to know! Guess I am leaning toward neon tetras.
  9. This is my second tank so am leaning toward not overstocking. So that means either neon tetras or harlequins–that is a touch decision.
  10. @Odd DuckThank you! This is the exact info I was looking for.
  11. Welcome! I am new here too and just started with a betta as well in a 5 gallon. Love the leaf hammocks. I got one for my betta, Alister, and he loves it.
  12. I have a 20-long planted aquarium that I am planning to stock with bronze cory cats, neon tetras (and possibly harlequin rasboras–too much?), 2 clown plecos, and a betta. Do I add the betta first or last? Does it matter? Also, any thoughts or suggestions on the stocking?
  13. I have some questions about water changes when it comes to dechlorinators. The bottles typically say to add before adding water to the tank but I have seen many filling their tank with water directly from the faucet with a gravel vac. So then when do you add it? And how do you know how much you are adding? I have also heard not to add too much. The measurements are typically so small anyway. How do I work this with my 5 gallon tank? I know this is very basic but I just worry about messing up and then killing the fish.
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