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  1. It's definitely worth a shot, thank you for the recommendation
  2. So, I'm starting a multi breeding project. I have a harem 1m 3f of multies in a ten gallon aquarium. They have had a few batches of fry and I need to relocate some of the larger fry to my 29 gallon breeder. I have netted out about 20 fry but I think this strategy causes way to much stress to the fish, and I can only catch a few babies each time. Does anyone have a more efficient strategy?
  3. Oh ok great, looks like they should be good then. Thank you for all of the help.
  4. So... I was feeding my multies some live grindal worms as a saw a baby( about the size of a grain of rice) dart out, and back into the shell. I don't have any brine shrimp eggs (but I will buy some today) so I fed them some crushed up cichlid pellets. Only problem is I'm not sure if they have the instinct to eat it. What should I do now?
  5. So update... today I was feeding the adults grindal worm and I saw a baby dart out! I now need to hatch some bbs Stat. Lo and behold it wasn't even a female I expected to be with babies.
  6. Wow very interesting! Should I start feeding bbs to the tank? Also I still have a lot of unused escargot shells laying in the package. I think I might put some more into the tank. Thank you for all the help!
  7. Oh very interesting! I have been noticing some tail waggs between the two hopefully there will be eggs in the near future. Thank you for the help
  8. Though this particular female usually favors to hide behind the rock cave, she has been hanging out at the mouth of a shell. She will enter the shell, but not to frequently, but this is definitely unusual behavior for her. She will briefly leave her shell to feed, or hide if she feels threatened. She welcomes the male into her territory gladly. This is a new fish for me so I have very little experience. Thank you for all the help. Sorry for the bad quality photos my phone camera is far from ideal.
  9. I've been planning on going to a club meeting a while now, I'm sure I can find some suitable fish there. Thank you for all the help folks.
  10. Oh ok, that's very interesting to know that the angels, and cories may be an option, I'm lucky enough to have an lfs, even though it may be on the wrong side of town.
  11. Wow! That's very interesting. Did you ever have breeding success with these not so hardwater fish? Because I love keeping fish, but i find it even more rewarding when you can get them to breed
  12. Hello, I love fish, but hate having to chase water parameters. I currently own guppies, and multi shell dwellers. My ph is 8.0-8.2 and my water is liquid rock. What are some hardwater fish that you guys can recommend (please no livebearers like guppies or endlers) Thank you for all the advice 🙂
  13. Thank you for the advice! I will definitely get ahold of some bbs eggs. And I might try the egg crate trick in the future. Would you classify the multies as omnivores?
  14. Your betta fish is "glass surfing" because they see their reflection in the glass.. I had the same problem with mine, the best solution I can give you is buy some frost film (the one for windows, without adhesive) and apply it to the back, and side pains of glass. This might not be the most beautiful solution but I've found that it works well. As for the feeding, though I'm not a Betta pro, I'd recommend to feed your betta once per day, and skip one day ever week, or every other week, this helps to avoid bloat. (unless your conditioning a breeder) you should probably feed them about 5-10 pellets or a few(3-4)medium blood worms. Hope that helps! And best of luck
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