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  1. I lost the top Angel this morning. I never had an issue before now so I’m super panicked. I am purchasing a larger HOB filter. Parameters are messed up and I Appreciate all your advice. I just bought 4 huge totes so I will fill them and follow your tips. My pH is 8 😨I have driftwood and almond leaves and they’re not doing anything for the pH. Nitrite is 0 ppm and nitrate looks like it between 10 and 20 ppm. I’ll add photo of ammonia. I have been back in the hobby for 5 years and obviously I’ve had issues here and there but this is stressing me and my fishies out.
  2. They are eating and acting fine, my ammonia is high. flux between .25-.50 ppm. I’ve been doing water changes daily to try to get it under control. I found the problem is in my tap water. It is .25 ppm ammonia. I’m adding prime to my water before adding to the aquarium now but I haven’t since we moved here in December. Everything else has completely normal levels outside of that. However I know something is off because I have a small Molly picking on him. My only quarantine tank is 5 gallons and I don’t want to put my two largest angels in there. Both are showing the redness, this is just the worse of the two.
  3. My guy just started showing this red line today. I got to my local store (not a fish store) and the only thing they had was melafix. I don’t know what this is, or why it would happen. I didn’t take parameters because I immediately did a 20 gallon water change on my 55 gallon. My other Angel is showing it as well. If it helps I’ll test tomorrow. I recently purchased some yo-yo loaches and did not quarantine them because I had a pest snail outbreak. The snails are gone, and now I have this happening. Please tell me I can help them. 🥺
  4. Oooh repriming every time something should happen sounds like a pain. I have a friend who told me to get the tidal, but a lot of people here are suggesting the aquaclears. My head is spinning. 😂😂 I just want the best.
  5. Hi there, I have a 55g planted aquarium and right now I'm only using a double sponge filter. I am curious as to what your favorite filters are for a tank that is planted (hopefully will be heavily planted) with 10 fish? Thank you so much!
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