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  1. Thank you all for the replies, you have been most helpful. My last question is this: With water/substrate/plants from a live tank and some conditioner, how long should this tank cycle?
  2. I plan on 6 shrimp/ramshorns 3 loaches and 2 larger fish which are undetermined. Is that to much? Also, would the 10 be ok to cycle just plants for 2-3 weeks?
  3. Hello! I still very new but I’ve kept two standard 10 gallon tanks for 6 months and I am moving in a new 20h! I’m super excited. My initial questions are 1. Should I dose my new tank if I am using pre-used substrate and then cycle or use my old substrate and fresh plant cuts from another tank and then cycle? 2. Can an Aqueon 10 gallon filter handle a 20 gallon tank? I prefer a heavily planted tank in general, can my tank mates/plants handle a smaller filter? This is the tank with the said transferring plant cuts and the new 20. Lastly, should I take water from my 10 to my new 20? I plan on moving my loaches over because they are getting big.
  4. Also in the last week I’ve gotten a lot of this type of growth on my plants and I would like to know what this is as well.
  5. The newborns are either cleaning or chewing the side of my white Molly out I’m gonna be moving the newborns but I wanted to know if this was something someone has dealt with.
  6. These small white pods on the side of my tank. They are new within the last two hours. My best guess is nerite snail babies?
  7. What is this? I can’t be ick again right?
  8. That's the only fish showing any signs. He is the smaller of the two male black mollies. My initial thoughts were the larger one had chewed on him. Will do with the Aquarium Salt.
  9. I beat the ick but does anyone know what this is?
  10. @PineSong white belly, grey along spine.
  11. @xXInkedPhoenixX Here is my update. Lost three fish to Ick. No Ick present for a week now (switched to Ick-x) Combined my 10 and 5 gallon tanks. More plants for one tank and less stress on myself. Terribly small living space. My white Molly (father unknown) had her fry, they are 5 weeks on Friday. No babies lost yet either. My female guppy is very pregnant as well.
  12. @lefty o thanks! I am fairly certain the guppy is pregnant, but what about the other ones, any thougths? Also, I am just recently finish up a bought of Ick, could the Ick effect the fry after they are born in this tank?
  13. Hello! I would like to know if my fish are pregnant. My white Molly had fry 1 month as of this Friday. Can she be pregnant again that fast?
  14. @xXInkedPhoenixX Yes the Loach passed away, and she was the only fish showing any signs for the last 5 days. I used a Walmart brand ick med first (because Amazon was a little slow on the Ick X delivery) for the last week with 30% water changes.
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