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  1. I was wondering about that. I changed it to 8hrs.
  2. The only change I made was the addition of a bristlenosed pleco that was given to us from my Nephew who has a breeding pair. The filter is a Fluval U2 that I clean out the filters about once a month. I don’t really do much for water changes. I take out a few gallons, just enough to rinse out the filters. The Air stone is a 4 inch bar that is a carry over from when I was cycling the tank. My wife likes the bubbles. Here are my light values. I probably should change them a bit.
  3. I can share my lighting schedule when I get home tonight after my swing shift. This shot is a couple of weeks old but nothing has been added or subtracted. Just plant growth.
  4. This is a 29 gallon planted tank. It’s been up and running since February and is coming along very well. I am running a Fluval Plant 3.0. Light and I really like the ability to change the light parameters. Lately I have been dealing with this algae growth in only the upper third of the tank. My water parameters are all great with the nitrates running a little over 20ppm but. It quite 30ppm. any suggestions?
  5. Is there a special way to prepare a cucumber before putting it in the tank so it pleco can have an extra snack?
  6. I just wanted to come back and say that I am happy with the progress in my tank. It is up to 20ppm for nitrates! The plants have really started to take off. This is really coming together!! Thank you all for your advice and help.
  7. Yes I agree. That’s why I am asking what is going on. Tomorrow morning I will test again with my API master kit and see where we are at. My PSO is also my fastest growing plant. The Bacopa doesn’t do much of anything.
  8. Thanks for all your help and info. It’s definitely helping me learn. I forgot to tell you I am dosing 3 squirts of easy green every other day. (29 gallon tank).
  9. I have… 6 Water Sprite (1 is floating) 2 Amazon Sword 2 Monte Carlo ground cover 1 Java Fern Windelov 1 Dwarf Lilly 2 Red Flame Sword 2 Cryptocoryne Lutea 1 Pogostemon Stalletus Octopus 1 Bacopa Carolinian I will take your advice on not using the Prime
  10. Thanks for the reply. I have also been questioning why I use prime. I don’t have any ammonia or nitrite in my water source. I was told to use prime when I was cycling my tank and I just never stopped. I stopped doing water changes about 3 weeks ago and have just been adding water due to evaporation. Each time I add water I use Prime except for yesterday when I used Top Fin conditioner. My water chemistry seems to be fine except I have what I would consider low nitrates at between 0 and 5 ppm. I agree with your fewer chemicals theory. As a side note I was using Purigen to keep the tannin coloration out of the tank but I took that out about 3 weeks ago and decided to just not use it anymore. I have about 18 plants in the 29 gallon tank at the moment.
  11. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one thinking this way. I am sure someone will come along and give us the information we are looking for!!
  12. I have a 29 gallon planted tank. Everything seems to be moving along pretty good. I am struggling a bit with getting my nitrates up to around 30. Are water conditioners making this hard for me? I usually use Prime but my question is - Is the Prime keeping me from getting my nitrates up so the plants can benefit from them? Or is it just that my plants are sucking them out faster than I can raise them using Easy Green? I am thinking about switching to a different conditioner.
  13. Thanks. I am. It sure how I missed that. I do appreciate your help.
  14. I am really happy with my New light. However I can’t figure out how to choose one of the factory presets. When in automatic It is on Kake Malawi and I would like to switch it to Planted. Can someone help me with this?
  15. Thanks ! I did run across Bentley’s video series and I have enjoyed them.
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