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  1. Tank's been set up for 3 whole days and this morning I was greeted with this thing. I used the fancy plant micronutrient substrate and 5 root tabs at the startup. Took as much rockwool off the roots as I could before planting them. So do I name it Abby Normal or just nuke the system and start over? Thanks for the help! Oops.....sorry if I put this in the wrong section.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome and for sharing ideas about fish. I'm sure I will have plenty of "character building" experiences with this hobby/addiction but hopefully not at the expense of a living being in my care.
  3. So my doc at the VA said I needed a hobby and handed me a nice long list of absolutely nothing I was interested in. But I went along with her. I glued myself to a fly tying jig, gave myself a 9 stitch trip to the Urgent Care trying to carve a bird, spent two days refinishing the floor where I tried to Bob Ross a happy little tree, and then pitched the list into the wood stove. I went stumbling around on YouTube and landed on Cory and some of his videos. Then I looked at a lot of other fish folks. Aquarium Coop videos just made it look like I could do this thing. And here I am. My first tank is a fluval 15. Crypt lutea in the back and Crypt undulata in front with 5 root tabs and starting this cycle thing before I try fish. There needs to be a big warning in flashing neon saying this stuff is addictive. Already thinking about tank two. Any suggestions of fish that are hard to kill would be appreciated.....otherwise I may just float a rubber duckie and call it good.
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