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  1. The cats are being lazy... as always! 🐱😴
  2. I filled a jar with water from a local pond last year and sealed it. Most life died, so I thought, and I "forgot" about it until recently I saw some duckweed! It isn't looking very nice because algae covered the glass but it's interesting to see the duckweed grow.
  3. Very cool pets @redmare!
  4. A cat’s life described in one word, lazy!
  5. Today, and yesterday, I painted one of my walls black, got new dressers for the aquariums, and got a new desk. First, I had to get rid of the old cabinets and move the tanks somewhere else temporarily. After that I painted the wall, put the new dressers and desk together, and put the tanks on the new dressers. And lastly, I put all my stuff in the drawers.
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