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  1. Thanks everyone who gave suggestions! I'm going to go with a blackwater scape. I'll post the results when I'm done!
  2. I plan to rebuild my 20 gallon tank. I finished it several years ago before I had a lot of planted tank knowledge, and it's showing. Lots of different types of algae, difficult to clean in most spots, and in general not very pretty to look at. The amazon sword propagates like crazy in the water column. I have already transferred ~8 pounds of it to other tanks or back to my local fish store! It didn't help that the tank was next to a window (I know, very dumb idea). I'm tired of looking at its current configuration after a few years, so I want to give this tank a proper glow-up! Right now, I am keeping neon and ember tetras (~15 total), 2 panda corydoras, 2 Schwartz's catfish, and a male crown betta (he had to be rescued from a leaking tank, but he was doing so well in the community that I kept him in!). Leave your plant, hardscape, substrate, etc. suggestions below (visuals would be cool too!). The only restriction to keep in mind is that I will not be using a CO2 setup. The most liked/upvoted idea after a week (09/20/2020) will be chosen! I will share pictures of the final result once I can collect the materials and put it all together. I am a big fan of the jungle look, but any setup style is welcome!
  3. I keep neon tetras and panda corydoras in my 20G. I recently had to evacuate my male crown betta from his 5G setup into the 20G and he's fine, minding his own business in the jungle of amazon sword!
  4. Hey @Ben_RF ! The hair grass really came in around the 5 week mark. I was using root tabs under the larger patches to boost its growth.
  5. Hi everyone! Aquarium Co-op inspired me to build a bunch of planted tanks a few years ago. This is my latest pride and joy! Equipment: 10 Gallon with basic Hang on Back, sponge filter, and small air stone. No CO2. Light: Fluval 3.0 LED Plants: Guppy grass, dwarf hair grass, Monte Carlo, crypt. Parva, Anubias nana. Substrate: Fluval Stratum with a few Root tabs. Livestock: 10 24k Gold White Clouds and 8 ghost shrimp. Hardscape: geode slices
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