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  1. We are taking a family trip to Gulf Shores Alabama in about a month. We have never been there before and I would really like to take my kids “fishing” for some wild mollies to take back home. Its a long shot but would anyone on here know of a specific area around there where wild mollies are know to inhabit?
  2. @Zenzo @Irene thanks for your help. I will keep an eye on the aggression and add some more rocks,line of sight breaks, and be sure to get vegetable based foods in there for the mbuna. I have them in a 125 it will be exciting to watch them grow. I am subscribed to both of your channels and have watched almost all of your videos. I sure wasn’t expecting you guys to be the ones responding… pretty exciting!!
  3. I normally keep community type aquariums but wanted to get a start in cichlids. I got a good deal on a tank already full of cichlids. Not knowing cichlids as well I was hoping I could get some help identifying what kinds I have. I believe there are quite a few peacocks but the others I’m unsure of. I know it’s recommend a lot not to mix species but the person I got it from said there was very few aggression issues.
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