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  1. I've never heard of Kanaplex, but it looks promising. Would you guys recommend Kanaplex over the Maracyn2?
  2. Thank you for the advice. Fin nipping is definitely not the case. Note the holes in the middle of the tailfin on my bigger Acara.
  3. I have a couple of Electric Blue Acara that appear to have some type of fin rot. Usually fin rot has a sort of white residue associated with it but I'm not seeing that on my pair. I have them quarantined in a hospital tank. I ran a full treatment with API Pimafix and Melafix and those did nothing. I then switched to Fritz maracyn, but that too did nothing. I also added aquarium salt at the appropriate dose for the hospital tank size. I'm at a loss. I don't want to lose these guys. For some background these guys were in a community tank and no other fish are even slightly showing fin rot symptoms. Water parameters in both my community tank and hospital tank are perfect. Any help is greatly appreciated. Btw I will be vacuuming the tank bottom shortly 🙂
  4. Spider wood is actually rendered from the roots of various plants like Azaleas or Rhododendrons to name a couple so to consider it a "driftwood" is kind of trivial as its more like drift roots lol. In my tank the smaller pieces of spider wood on the left were purchased from my local favorite fish store. The larger piece of spiderwood was purchased from Petsmart and yes I was very thorough on the rinsing of that bad boy lol. I will try my hand at tannin rich driftwood in the future when I design a "river" tank. I do like the tannin tinged water, but when I want wood in my tank without the orangeish tinge ill go with spider wood every time.
  5. Yeah I'm with Levi here. Run your fingernail across it on both sides of the tank to see if its either silicone or indeed a crack. I would err on the side of caution tho if it was me. Luckily, it looks like you haven't added water yet so I would dump out that soil in a nice clean container and exchange that tank for another.
  6. For your driftwood question I can help with that. Spider wood. I dont use any other type of drift wood in my tanks at the moment. I have a common pleco and a longfin BN pleco and they both graze on the spider wood and my water doesnt have that orange tinge. Im not against the color, but my vision on my current tanks doesnt include that water discoloration as of yet. Anywho, grab you a piece of spider wood that is moderately sized for your tank and give it a try! I attached a pic so take a look at it. All the wood in my tank is spider wood. No boiling just a good rinse with water, attach some type of weight for a few days to keep it sunk for a few days, and boom tannin free wood in your tank for your plecos to enjoy.
  7. Yeah a 20G is a bit small for Angels. A 20g would be fine for juvenile Angels but you will find yourself looking for a bigger tank sooner than you think. Im getting ready to upgrade to a 70g tall for the Angels I posted above. Harlequin Rasboras are beautiful fish and suited well for a 20g, but you can easily add more fish if you only have a few of the Rasboras stocked in it currently.
  8. I'm thinking about adding a marble Angel, but I don't wanna upset the dynamic I have going with these three as they get along very well. Disregard the melting montecarlo and hairgrass lol just added them not too long ago.
  9. Hello all my name is Larry and Im an intermediate fish keeper. I currently have 4 tanks set up; 29 gallon, 20, gallon, 56g tall, and a 6g (quarantine) (empty) (winning!). I have Neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, pygmy Corys, Mollies of different varieties, BN plecos, but my mainstay is Angels. I LOVE Angels and just simply cannot have a tank without at least one in it (3 in my main tank). My reasoning behind Angels is simply the grace that they provide to an aquarium. They can be finicky when it comes to water parameters and such and thats the second reason why I like them. Angels tend to force the hand on aquarium maintenance for me as I simply cannot and will not lose one by my negligence. Same goes for my other fish of course, but maintaining optimum Angel health means the rest of my fish thrive along with them. I live in the cold north known as MN so needless to say my tank heater game is on point. I over filter all of my tanks at least 2 fold and I test water twice a week. I also love to fish the local lakes, hence my forum name.
  10. Ok, this is my first post in this forum. My vote is gonna be for Angel fish. Angels are probably one of the most cliché fish in the aquarium hobby and they happen to be my favorite. I have three angels. 1 Black Angel, 1 Koi Angel, and an Altum Angel. All of my Angels get along very well. What I like most about mine is they just know when im in the room. My Angels are always so excited to see me (even tho its probably just food drive lol) An Angels grace is unmatched IMO.
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