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  1. Hello, the cory is still looking the same. No changes in the translucent scales. I have the Co-op medicine trio and marine saltwater mix available. I could quarantine but the darn fish is fast and my 150gallon is heavily planted and scaped. Thanks!
  2. I have an Emerald cory that was fine yesterday and looks like this today. Have had the fish for about a year. Please recommend treatment and diagnsis. 150gal heavily planted tank, 74F, 0 nitrates/nitrite/ammonia, 7.2ph, >180ppm GH and KH. Water changes every other week. Hard well water. Thank you! Video links:
  3. I love this fish and just got 6 pairs from Czech Republic via importer. Keep us updated. I am passionate! Thanks!
  4. Hello all. I would appreciate it if someone would be willing to post some photos of their Blue-eyed Livebearer (Priapella compressa) fry. I have a community jungle tank with some of them along with a few wild-type swordtails. I am in the grueling process of removing the swords but want to be sure I do not catch the Blue-eye fry. When I received my fry from Aquabid they had blue eyes at 1/2" long. Do the younger fry have blue eyes too? Thank you!
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