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  1. Oh, no, I’m still wanting to add plants and hide holes. I have one thing of java moss, but I definitely wanted to get more and maybe some monte carlo
  2. What are y’alls experience with kuhli loaches?
  3. There’s a local-ish fish store that I’ve gotten chili rasboras from before that has khuli loaches, yellow shrimp and the CPD but the danios are out of stock rn. I could try to find the danios somewhere else ( like aqua-hana ). They have both pygmy and panda corys too ( and long-fin corys! )
  4. Oooooooooooooooor could a betta, CPD, kuhli loaches, AND shrimp work? Loaches would be a change from what I already have…wiggly fish that can live up to 10yrs ( which I didn’t know! ). I could always have my corys in my empty 15gal ( has sand too )
  5. Oh, yeah, it’ll be either pygmy or pandas. I already have pandas in a 29gal tank but then again I already have 3 bettas ( all in separate tanks ) lol. Why not have some more? I do have a 15gal I could put the pygmys in….hmmmmmmm
  6. Okay, okay — how about this: betta, CPD, pandas or pygmys, AND shrimp? Or is that too much?
  7. I’ve always liked the look of celestial pearl danios too….I am so indecisive
  8. Would cardinal tetras be better? People have mentioned they aren’t as inbred and are a little hardier than neons.
  9. Yeah, it’s hard to tell how bettas will react to anything. I have empty ( cycled ) tanks I could always put them in. As for the shrimp, I was wanting something where their population would be kept in check but they wouldn’t be decimated, y’know? Would khuli loaches or pygmy corys be a better choice with a betta? So probably not the best choice, huh? Are apistogrammas the same way?
  10. Bettas are a gamble with any community tank….I’ve never had them with shrimp, but they can either be okay or genocidal with them from what I’ve seen/been told by other people. I have an empty 15gal & 10gal I can move the betta to if need be. I have a nemo koi plakat that can’t even be with oto cats because he took one of their eyes out. I love bettas but they are a gamble, lol. I’ve never had German rams….but I guess I could get a dwarf gourami. I have a neon blue in my 29gal with chili rasboras, panda corys & oto cats. I thought about endlers but I do like a bigger centerpiece fish and then smaller schooling/shoaling fish
  11. 20gal long tank with sand substrate, a plastic bonsai tree decoration and an assortment of live plants. Aquaclear 20 filter and a sponge filter. I’m kind of stuck on stocking because I can’t make up my mind. I thought about panda corys or khuli loaches, cherry shrimp & a betta or german blue ram ( could I do a pair? ). With the hope that the fish could keep the shrimp population in check without decimating them entirely. But….I don’t know. Which should I pick or do you guys have a better combo?
  12. Got the plants ( that i bought from the co-op ) in the tank….except for the moss. Not sure what I want to do with that.
  13. Yeah….it seems like they’re real healthy/hardy until they’re not. After they get sick, good luck in treating them. Putting him down comes just days after the unexpected loss of my super gold plakat, Auric, that I got back in February. I still have Calico and Karl with the newest addition of Eclipse ( black orchid betta ), though. S.I.P.
  14. I had to put Rascal down today. He’d been sick for a while and he started to pinecone and develop dropsy.
  15. Sorry I haven’t updated but I just had to put Rascal down a little bit ago. Whatever he had, it just got progressively worse and he finally developed dropsy and started pineconing. I figured that was his way of telling me he wasn’t going to get better and I was just prolonging his suffering.
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