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  1. The example in the photo is planted in a 20 gallon long if that's at all helpful.
  2. I agree 100% on Hygrophilas being great plants. In addition to H. difformis, I also have H. polysperma, H. angustifolia Willow, and an H. corymbosa. I've forgotten which variety of corymbosa. I know that I bought at my local Petco from the tube plans section. Those discus are gorgeous BTW!
  3. Thank you for the compliment. All of my tanks have live plants in them. I'm mainly about the fish and providing them a good home. I seem to do pretty well with most plants though.
  4. I recently found out that new plantlets will grow at the stem end of leaves that break off the plant. I was doing some plant trimming, and broke some leaves off the stem when I replaned them. I threw the leaves into my scud culture and happened to notice today that all the leave had plantlets on the stem ends. What you see in the photo is just over two weeks worth of growth. This looks to be a great way to quickly propagate a lot of plants. I'm going to plant them in one of my newer aquariums tonight.
  5. New to the Forums. If this post is in the wrong category, the Forum Mods are welcome to move it to the correct territory. Hello to the Co-op Plant Crew and Forumites. The plant in the attached photo is a Cryptocoryne spiralis that I ordered from Aquarium Co-op a few months back. I wanted to leave a review, but found that it's no longer on the site. For some context the crypt is in a 20 gallon long and spans close to a third of the tank. C. spiralis is fast growing for a crypt. In medium light, the leaves develop a very dark maroon color. My suggestion is to bring the plant back if it's available. It's one of my favorite crypts!
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