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  1. No fertilizers. The substrate is aquasoil (Caribsea). Do I need to use fertilizers now? Or root tabs?
  2. I have a 10 gallon planted tank, and it’s been running for about 3 weeks now. I tested again today, and my water parameters seem mostly okay? My Nitrate level was 5.0ppm. The only thing is that my pH seems to be a ..high? Anytime I’ve tested it it always reads 7.6. Even in my smaller non-planted betta tank pH is 7.6. My plan is to only have a betta in the 10 gallon planted tank. But I’m just wondering how will I know when this planted tank is done cycling? Can I put my betta in now? Should I wait till plants are more settled in?
  3. Will do. Thanks for all the help!
  4. There's movement from the filter. Is it a good idea to move all decaying plant matter as well?
  5. How should one dispose of snails if I don't want them in my tank..?
  6. I have not used fertillizer. Just the beneficial bacteria by Seachem, and that was for 7 days. My lights are on for 6-8 hours a day.
  7. Should I remove them? I don't want them to keep producing waste. If they do stay in there, what kind of care do they need? I want to put a betta in here eventually, would it be better without the snails?
  8. OH no! I found this white fuzz on my plant recently. Is it bad? There are no fish in this tank yet, it's only been running for 3 weeks now. Plants are still taking root. What could be the cause of this white fuzz? How can I stop it. It hasn't spread to any of my other plabts yet. This is a 10 gallon.
  9. Hopefully you can see here! I know there's another snail of the same size as that bigger one, but it's shell is paler.
  10. okay! I'll try to get a pic soon, they're hard to find. thanks so much!
  11. They are VERY small. I wasn't even supposed to have them. And I thought I had 3, but now I see ANOTHER tiny one. There are two bigger ones now, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to tell. Maybe once they grow up a little more!
  12. oh my goodness 😅 I didn't have that rock in there at first, and now after only a few days it's covered. And these snails are tiny right now!
  13. I found some snails in my plants, and then I placed these rocks inside my tank. Are those worm like things snail poop? What IS it?
  14. @Gator No, I only have the 10 gallon tank to set up right now. I agree! they're so nice, but I'll have to do without them for now. I really like guppies so maybe one day I'll get them set up. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
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