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  1. Any help will be appreciated. I need ADF advice, unfortunately too late to help the reason for this message in the first place. in my 55 g long tank 2 days ago i noticed that one of my 5 ADF's showing signs of either being ill or pregnant. The belly on that frog was huge.. i found it at the top of the tank floating on the water dead today. i am concerned, that i might lose the others because I took the advice of the LPS and have fed them every other day exclusively frozen blood worms. they are in a planted community tank with gravel substrate, the usual live bearers - a bunch of mollies and a pair of swordtails, 3 garra, mystery & pond snails, two baby ranchu goldfish, and four other ADF's. I have two sponge filters and an airstone. I had the tank set at 74. a fact that may not matter now is that I am thinking of giving them a species only 20 gallon tank with this group plus two more I have in a 29 g with same parameters. the tanks are due for a water change today. i feel awful. These are my favorites. i like the fish a great deal, but the frogs have a special place in my heart. I did not take the time to find out the sex before i disposed of it and I should have. that would have shown if it was pregnant maybe. Unfortunately i can not find a solid, one fact source of information on the care for them. every person seems to have developed their own theories on how to care for these little creatures and none of them match. one person says never feed blood worms except as a treat, another says only feed blood or black worms, another says something different. i need an expert source if anyone has one. i don't want this to happen to any other little ones until it is there time and it is natural.
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