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  1. First time pulling the eggs should be free swimming soon 🤗
  2. Finally moved all the fish from the 40 to the 125!
  3. Finished sealing the overflows, connected the fx6 and she’s all filled!
  4. Hardscaped the 125. Next step plants!! Thinking just some crypts and anibius.
  5. Leveled my 125 and leak tested the bulkheads. Now time for hardscape!
  6. Thanks RovingGinger. I’m going to try to let the parents raise them. I know I’m taking a chance just don’t have space to raise 100s of angels. Will do my best to keep as many as I can if they make it to free swimming. I have an empty 10 gallon to switch them to at that point then to a 29.
  7. Hi All, came down to angel fish eggs when I was about to do a water change. Do I still water change?
  8. Anyone ever over tighten a bulkhead to itself before actually fitting it to the aquarium? Playing with this bulkhead as it’s the first time I’m plumbing a tank and can’t get it loose again to actually put it on the tank.
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