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  1. It is not fuzzy at all. It just looks like the scales are peeling off. The open part looks flat and white. I don't understand these bettas. I have looked for the jungle clear for tabs. I haven't seen them anywhere locally. I was hoping to treat with something I already have but if that is what works best, I'll get some ordered. Thank you! What is it's just an injury from scraping his back?
  2. Thank you! Does it look like columnaris? I just got my hospital tank set up. I might do the Maracyn 2 in the hospital tank. It claims to treat gram negative bacteria.
  3. Okay guys. I'm back about this betta fish. When I got him he was flashing and had marks on his back. I treated with API general cure. He got better and his wounds healed. The other day he showed up with scales missing on his back (see picture). He's always messing around by the drift wood which I think is what happened but I might be wrong. I thought maybe it was columnaris so I just finished 5 days on Maracyn. He is stilL eating but occasional erratic behavior. I also can't tell if he has fin rot starting. I have a bunch of meds but don't know what to do. I have Maracyn 2, Maracyn OXY, Ich X, Polyguard, Kanaplex. I also have Nerite snails and plants so I can't dose the Polyguard in my tank. I started a hospital tank and it's ready for him once I decide what direction to go. I'm so confused. Please help! to make matters more confusing, he won't eat pellets or flakes he only eats Fluval Bug Bites so I can't really soak them in meds, which was suggested at my LFS. my display tank water parameters are: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5, ph 8.0, kH 160, gh 150
  4. Yes! I soaked his pellets in garlic guard and he was all over it.
  5. Darth Vader actually ate two pellets tonight and built a huge bubble nest today. This makes me happy and a bit relieved.
  6. Thank you!! I will try that. I hope he starts eating soon. I know they can go several days without food but I also think he needs to be eating for his immune system
  7. I forgot to say that he did have rapid breathing yesterday. I have not seen him really today. He hangs out at the bottom and then comes to the top until he sees me and then he goes and hides againI forgot to say that he did have rapid breathing yesterday. I have not seen him really today. He hangs out at the bottom and then comes to the top until he sees me and then he goes and hides again
  8. I just brought this beta home two days ago. He came with the marks on his back and head. He is flashing and not eating and swimming erratically. I dosed with API general cure. I don't think it's Ich because the spots are gray not white, it is not spreading and some are like lines and not dots. I've done tons of research and all I can come up with is possibly epistylis. Could it just be scars from thrashing around? he is not eating. He put a pellet in his mouth and spit it out and now is totally ignoring food. The pellets are quality. I also tried flakes and nothing. All my water parameters are within range. I have a moderately planted tank. If I'm honest, I'm wondering whether to take him back to the store.Thank you!
  9. Thank you! He has no interest in food yet. I'll bring out the frozen brine shrimp.
  10. This little guy came home with me last night. I didn't see these marks when he was in his bowl. Thoughts on what this might be and whether to treat or just use stress guard for some time to see if he gets better. Thanks!!
  11. Thank you Wrencher_Scott! I was more worried about the high alkalinity than I the high ph. Also I wondered if it might be the sodium content from the water softener pellets. I messed with mixing the RO and tap water and I think that destabilized everything. I had to look up TDS. I did talk to the water softener company and they said I could bring a sample in. Also, now that it Is safe to reattach my hose, I will test that water. Thank you for the suggestion. This is where I came out... I tested my tank water and my tap water, and the ph was 8.2 for both. Because of the sodium issue, I've decided to use bottled spring water since my tank is small. I think that will hopefully keep things stable. Thanks for taking the time to respond. -Amy
  12. The ph is 8.5 with the water softener. The only thing that reads low is the gh. I don't know if that even makes sense but that's what it is. That's why I'm confused. I am just using strips for ph, gh, kH. I use API master test kit for everything else. Maybe I need to get a more revealing type of test. I have been researching other fish to see what would work in this water. Thank you for the suggestion
  13. Renting property with a water softener. Looking for options for managing this situation. I read that high alkalinity can turn harmless ammonia into harmful ammonia. I've had two betta fish die since moving here. Wondering if this is what is happening. Water parameters are: Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5. Ph 8.5, gh 30, kH 300. My tank is planted but not heavily. LFS suggested mixing RO with tap to lower ph and alkalinity. I can't see that it has changed anything except my fish got sick after mixing. I'm really trying not to give up. I still have two nerite snails that appear to be doing fine. this is what I see as options if I want to get another Betta : 1. Use only RO water and dose with Seachem Equilibrium. 2. continue mixing RO and tap water and use Neutral Regulator or just tap water and use. can anyone shed light on this situation? I would deeply appreciate it Amy
  14. Thank you! I'm going to try using potassium pellets in my water softener and see if that helps. I think the salt in the sodium pellets is bad for them.
  15. My second Betta just got sick and is going to die. I got her in November and she has been fine up until the last couple of weeks. She had a white string hanging from her stomach and I treated my tank with Prazi Pro since it appeared to be worms. She also had a gill that looked like it had hyperplasia with a little white in it. Once I treated with the Orazi Pro it looked better. A little over a week ago she stopped eating and became really lethargic. I noticed another string and the white in her gill again and she started letting the filter suck her in so she'd stay at the top. I've included a picture here to show the white cottony ball coming out of her gill. I started treating with Maracyn 2 but she's too far gone. The same thing happened to my last fish after I moved into my new rental last summer. We are on the same water source but it has a water softener water parameters are as follows: ph 8.5, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 5 ppm, kH 300 and gh 0-30 ppm my tank has five plants in it and a steady 78 degrees I talked to the local fish store about how high my ph is and they suggested mixing tap with RO 50/50. I started doing that a few weeks ago, which is the only difference I can come up with. The RO hasn't managed to change much so there isn't a huge shift in parameters. Since this is the second fish, I don't know if I should not get any more fish until I move or if anyone has suggestions for this issue. I'm so frustrated. Both fish have survived about four months. I check water constantly and clean my tank every week. Please help!
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