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  1. BLynn

    Med trio ???

    not really maybe a little during feeding but usually they are all fine together
  2. BLynn

    Med trio ???

    I have a 20 gallon with a aqua clear HOB and coop sponge. Stocked I have 4 khuli loaches 1 dwarf gourami, tons of snails, and I had 8 cardinals now down to 6 with one on its way out. One other cardinal had dropsy another had a white ring on its lip and like a fungus now another one has dropsy can’t figure it out no one else gets sick
  3. BLynn

    Med trio ???

    Water levels are good … no nitrite or ammonia … fully cycled tank tons of plants ….they are at 78 degrees They are the only fish getting sick I don’t get it and it’s one just about every month
  4. BLynn

    Med trio ???

    I’m treating my 20g display tank with maracyn beacause my cardinals keep getting dropsy I lost 2 already … right now only one seems to have it so I put the first dose in tonight (2 packets) and I’m confused… should I dose like it reads on the package? 1 packet per 10 gallons for 5 days? Beacause Cory said to dose for one day and leave it for a week without feeding so I’m just trying to figure it out
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