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  1. The few fish I brought back had sunken bellies. Whether they were half starved or had wasting disease I did not know. But I read it was a good idea to preform the 3 med tri regardless.
  2. @OnlyGenusCaps Very helpful. Thank you.
  3. @OnlyGenusCaps Thank you for the good information. I understand the importance of quarantining new fish I just did not have the means. I would believe it comes down to and already stressed and diseased animal and then piling on medication that killed them. So for the future if I were to purchase new fish and quarantine them do I NOT medicate unless they show signs of illness? How long should they be in a quarantine tank before I medicate? It does not seem right to just expect new fish to die once I medicate them with this holy grail med trio. Because that is what pretty much happened. Unless I have the worst luck in the world and happened to pick the 4 fish out of 1000 that had a death sentence.
  4. Temps are 78. The loaches were in my aquarium for treatment then they were getting moved to another aquarium with cooler water and celestial danios. Already had a stone. They were acclimated in the bag by floating and adding water. I had them for a few days and they were acting normal and eating. It was not until I added the trio that they died. And I found the other Ram this morning. Dead. 😣
  5. Hey guys. New here, but not new to keeping fish. Big time follower of aquarium Co-op. Got a cycled 36 gallon bowfront and got some new fish to put in with my existing fish. I do not have a quarantine tank as I just don't have the supplies and space. First time using the 3 med Trio and Out of the new fish I added almost all of them died in the first 24 hours of administering medication... I have never had this happen before! Added 2 blue rams, 4 ottos, and two hillstream loaches. 1 otto died, both loaches and 1 ram died. The other ram currently is gasping at the top of the tank. No fish was visibly sick but I know almost all of them have internal parasites as them come from tanks at the LFS. Figured the trio was a good idea as these are the fist new fish I have added in a long time. 0 ammonia 0 Nitrites 5 Nitrate. water turned cloudy and I am told this is normal. All of my fish that were already in the tank are acting normal and fine. So I am wondering if fish form the LFS are (to be expected) just generally unhealthy and the shock of a new tank and the meds done them in? Should I ride out the treatment or abandon it to prevent further deaths? I am a little disheartened here as I followed the directions exactly and have never had meds in which I had hope would help, In fact, kill most of my new fish...
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