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  1. You're on top of the humidity then. Since you consistently have spiders they probably have an a path into that room that is very attractive to them for whatever reason. All you can do is try to disrupt that path either physically by sealing it off or by spraying repellants. I guess the other more work option would be to try and change the ecosystem outdoors. I.E. if you have landscaping that holds water and or attracts bugs and spiders change it to be a less attractive spot for insects.
  2. Ponds can do very well with plants and no pump or filter. Those plants look healthy so it might be fish ready now, testing with ACO test strips or the API test kit would be a more definitive way to tell. That being said, since you're new to this pond, running an air line out there with and air stone for a while to make sure everything is oxygenated and the biological cycle is fully up and running before fish wouldn't hurt and may help.
  3. In my experience spiders don't need a food source in your house to come in, but certain situations in room can make that room more likely to see spiders. Also personally I remove spiders from my home when I see them, I've never seen one capture a bug inside my home and even if they were I would see this as my home losing the battle of separating the outside from the inside. Things I have learned from owning an old house. Spiders and bugs in general are attracted to humidity, when squeezing into your home they will sense the higher humidity air and go that way. Reducing the humidity in your fish room may help reduce bugs. Spraying your foundation or where you suspect the pests are getting in with repellent will help too.
  4. The water is good for longer than a day if you have a smaller amount of baby brine shrimp in it. The more water to brine shrimp ratio the longer the hatch will last before crashing. You can freeze the extra baby brine and feed the cubes out later. IMO for very small batches a hatching dish can be ideal. Something like this. https://www.amazon.com/Brine-Shrimp-Hatchery-Dish-Separately/dp/B08KRZT369
  5. Pond plants update. Here is the initial setup where the pond water drains into the strawberry and flower bed. And here is the current, I had to trellis the flowers up (double butterfly pea). Two plants make about two dozen nice blue/purple blooms every day.
  6. If that's half decent I'd hate to see what the bad prints looked like 😜 But hey you got something functional, I usually stop at functional too. GL tuning your printer and beyond!
  7. When my kid was little I let him take a ramshorn out of my tank, he pulled hard before it released and it was literally pulled out of the shell. Pull slowly and they will let go on their own, or slide them up out of the water and they will let go.
  8. What I like seems to always fall under what pandora calls "LoFi Chill". Mostly tunes with no lyrics for me, I'm always doing something while I listen and can focus better on the project with good jams on minus lyrics which I often find to be distracting, with exceptions of course. Ronald Jenkees, Odeza, Yppah, Cillo, Dreamwallow, ect...
  9. I totally agree, sunlight shows beauty I've never seen under artificial lighting and plants love it. It can come with challenges but IMO it's no more challenging than balancing artificial light.
  10. It seems too often that I have failed ideas. Things that are sometimes interesting and maybe worth learning from but aren't worth a new thread. I am making this thread as a singular place to share them, for me, and for anyone else who wants to share any failed ideas too. To start it off, I'm not a huge fan of picking eggs off of yarn spawning mops and I made an attempt at designing a 3d printed modular chain for my rice fish to lay eggs on. My test was not successful. Back to yarn for now.
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