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  1. Thanks guys. As parents we all want what is best for our children, and we aren’t able to provide what is said is needed it is hard. For me the hardest part is not letting him see just how much this is effecting me emotionally.
  2. It has been a roller coaster of a few weeks. My oldest son had to have a major surgery done this past Monday. The day of his surgery they tell us our medical insurance will not cover his medical equipment. As a mom I’m at a loss. We have tried everything to raise the funds needed, GoFundMe, Loans, everything in our power. We ended up selling most of our beloved fish and aquariums, and we are still no where near being able to afford his equipment. So if everyone in the community could please send some good vibes or prayers to our little family of fish keeping nerds, it would much appreciated. As his Mom, I feel like a complete and total failure.
  3. Everyone did perfectly fine with the deworming and trio process. They all eat at every feeding. They have been very active from day one, just a few seem to be growing much slower than the others. Their tank is in my office area so I can see them while working. I think the two largest are attempting to pair off, could the release of certain hormones cause growth delay in the others?
  4. These babies normally eat from my hand. So I know they are all eating. The smaller ones tend to stay and eat while the bigger ones go to the bottom and eat. I will feed on one side and my son the other side.
  5. So we ordered 10 discus in April all came in at 2.5 inches. I have noticed that some just don’t seem to be growing at all. Both pictures below are from today. The first picture is of the largest two and the second is of the smallest. Any suggestions on how to help the little guy gain size? I don’t want the others to start harassing the smaller ones.
  6. I thought the same, but these little guys just have so much personality. They are definitely timid when others are around, but seem to really enjoy interacting with those they see daily. Which can make water changes a bit of challenge. There are a few that still hide when we come up to the tank but for the most part they normally stay front and center. Thank you 😊
  7. These little guys absolutely love being hand fed. They have become so trusting and curious about everything. Best decision I have made is adding them to the fish family.
  8. With 40 plus aquariums at home, I would like to start keeping cuttings from already planted tanks for future projects. Would you suggest keeping them potted in rockwool or in planted substrate? Still pretty new to the planted tank world!
  9. I will be ordering a couple to test out. I have yet to get an item from Aquarium Coop I have not been happy with. Thank you Corey and team for all the work you put into these products.
  10. They are currently around 2 inches and are in a 75 gallon, until they get a little bigger and then will be moving to 150 gallon. As for the age I didn’t ask the seller.
  11. I could watch these little guys all day long. They’ve been in the tank around 18 hours and are already exploring and are no where near as shy as I thought they would be.
  12. Best Heater for a 75 gallon Discus Tank (they are young and will be upgraded to a larger tank) Ehiem Heater 300 Watt barely keeps the tank at 82 degrees. (No fish in the tank yet)
  13. Most definitely. I have a drip system in place already for my Fry Set Up, which we will be upgrading, thankfully the room is right next to the water supply and he has a Plumber that will help in exchange for some of my Electric Blue Acara and Geophagus Juveniles. As a stay at home Mom I don’t really mind the water changes. But we will definitely be setting up an Auto Water Change system. For now at least the the room is close not only to our drainage system but also water supply so a Python can be used if necessary.
  14. The husband has decided to gift me his office space to set a up a fish room for most of my tanks. Any advice? Any must haves? The room is 14 ft x 13 ft. It’s gonna be a long few weeks I know 😂But I want to make sure we do this right. I already have the Linear Piston Air Pump from Aquarium Co-Op to run air supply to all the tanks, as most of the tanks will run on Sponge Filters.
  15. @Seattle_Aquaristwe have a lot. I’m pretty sure it hitchhiked in on a new plant and I didn’t catch it. Had to leave town for a about a week and come home to it everywhere. Have not test Phosphate levels as of yet. All other tests were perfect though, still waiting on the other test kit to get here. Spent about 3 hours pulling it out, got the worst of it, but still a lot there. We use a 24 hour timer on planted tank light, where it mimics Sunrise > Sunset and then goes off. Not sure if that will cause an issue still pretty new to planted tanks.
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