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  1. @Guppy Guy thanks! And I actually used the wrong tank Pic lol thats currently just my shrimp and snails till the plants get filled in a little more. Here is the "problem" tank 😅
  2. @Colu so that is 30% water change and dose every day just to confirm?
  3. I was just wondering about dosing for ich-x it says 4 doses,1 every 24ish hours. If the 4 doses dose not take care of it what is the next step do I keep dosing or wait water change and start treatment again?
  4. Thank you! That's what I figured but I just wanted to make sure that was true.
  5. So I recently started getting back into the hobby after a move and happened across a fish I had to have. I have unfortunately not had the time nor money to pick up a tank for quarantine. As I'm sure you can guess by now when I got the fish in my tank and under further inspection it is in fact sick. I have the meds already no problem there. My question is all the meds say use a carbon filter after the final dose and water change, I do not have a carbon filter and will not have the money to get one. How big of an issue is that?
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