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  1. Do the rimless tanks include lids? Or would we need to make a custom lid if needed?
  2. I recently bought 6 tank raised pea puffers from a common online retailer. They arrived and I put them in my planted tank. The first day, they all ate, then the second day, one sat in the corner or glass surfed and the other 5 ate. I read online that internal parasites could be an issue even with tank raised Pea Puffers and so I added half the med trio (Maracyn and Paracleanse). Day 3, only 4 puffers ate and everyone started sitting around or glass surfing. On Day 4, I decided that things were getting worse with the meds since only three were eating and three were relentlessly glass surfing or sitting and so I did a big water change and pulled out the meds. I contacted the place I purchased them from and also contacted two other local fish stores for advice. I received all kinds of advice, such as add more pea puffers (pack the tank to distribute aggression) and put in even more medication in addition to the half med trio I had tried. I didn't do any of those things and was lucky enough to be in the area of the Co-op this past weekend so I could visit and ask questions. I spoke to a really helpful staff worker whose name I cannot remember (very sorry about this) and he gave the best advice ever. I told him about how the puffers weren't eating and were sitting around or glass surfing even at night but had flat bellies, not sunken bellies. He mentioned that Pea Puffers are really smart fish and so they were likely having a sort of existential crisis having been moved to a new tank. They were probably really frightened and acting in a panic. He mentioned if their bellies are flat, they are likely eating just enough to stay alive while glass surfing/sitting, but if I later saw sunken stomachs, I should treat with Expel-P. The game changing advice was that he advised that I do another small water change and then black out the tank with a blanket over it for a few days to create complete darkness and calm the fish down. I did this and after a few hours of blackout, no more glass surfing. I threw in some live brine shrimps and baby snails and kept the tank blacked out for another day or so. I ended up having to move these fish to another location and even better planted tank last night and lo and behold, all 6 puffers were looking curious and interested and completely recovered from the glass surfing/sitting. They like their new tank to which I have temporarily added dark tinted window cling on the outside to continue create dimness on all four sides and on the lid. They happily ate bloodworms last night. 🙂 Thank you so much again Aquarium Co-Op staff! If not for the blackout advice, I am certain a few would have likely starved to death from stress! Thank you!! ❤️
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