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  1. Hello, I have suffered 2 horrible fishkeeping disasters in the past 6 months and I just want to vent. 1st disaster: I did an 80% water change as I was often do when removing gsp on my large acrylic Amazon tank with 18 wild angelfish and 500 rummmynose tetras as I often do. Little did I know that my water treatment system had broken down and my fish experienced a hardness shock with gh to swinging from 1.2 to 6+. I lost 10 angelfish and 150 tetras by the time I woke up the next morning. 2nd disaster was begotten by the first. I wanted to restore my rummynose tetra school to its former glory. But the past year my supplier went bankrupt and I had work an new deal with a local lfs to get a large amount of rummynose from a wholesaler since I am just a hobbiest. I was getting 750 Rummynose for 1050$ (Would be 500$ one year ago) with only refund guarantee for a high % DOA, not any longer. It was a gamble but Antibiotics usually save at least 60% of the tetras in the 1st week. About 25% were DOA and the rest were in a bad state when I got them. Anyway here I am one week later and I have less than 50 tetras left alive in quarantine. The supplier clearly did not care about the condition of the fish before they were shipped and wanted to churn them as fast as possible. I am giving up on Rummynose tetras. I love their schooling but the way they are treated by wholesalers almost always results in a best case scenario of 20% death and more likely 50% or in my case 96%. That might be tolerable at 20 Cents a fish but not at 1.50$. There is a guy selling acclimated and treated wild cardinals for 1.60$ And those fish are pretty hardy when shipping. I should have spent 1k on those fish instead.
  2. Willimeri will definitely eat cardinal tetras and probably rummynose if they can catch them. Your dimensions would be a ~720 gallons when full and besides your Willimeri your tank would look empty. You would need at least 120+ sterbai cory fish to have them be noticeable. You would also need at least 500 small schooling fish like tetras to have any presence in a tank that big. you could do a bigger tetra like congo and have like 100 to have noticeable presence.
  3. The tiger lotus Lillies grow 2 feet to the top of the water in about 3 days and are as big as saucers. Not that I can upload
  4. I currently have 400+ Rummy nose tetras in my 180 gallon tank. However my nitrates are always at 0 and my plant density is not even 25% of where I want it to be. To help fix this I am going to get another order of 500 Rummynose.
  5. I bought 28 from aquahuna. They arrived alive and had to be dewormed. I honestly do not recommend them though. In my opinion they are a pretty boring fish. They spend most of the time sitting at the bottom of the tank not being active. It was rare when they would display their interesting social behavior. Mine were nipping the fins of other fish.
  6. Chili rasboras are smaller than cherry shrimp so it should be fine.
  7. I have to use a water softener at my country house because the well water has sulfur in it. You have to add in some minerals with products like equilibrium or replenish for most fish. Otherwise I have not noticed any detrimental effects. I have far less health problems in fish raised in softened well water at the country house than municipal water at my apartment.
  8. So I ended up buying 500 rummynose from US tropical fish. I got the order 2 weeks ago and about 90% of the 500 hAve survived and they refunded me for the DOA percentage. I paid 360$ for 500 fish including shipping. I could’nt be happier with the result.
  9. I don't like to re seed root tabs monthly. Would it be plant and fish safe to put 250 root tabs in 250 pounds of flourite to last longer?
  10. I just posted my Manacapuru Angels for the thumbnail picture, they are fine. I would never use this process against a breeder acting in good faith. It is a system that is unfair to the small businessman. I was just sharing it because it is a tool that is useful to ensure you don't get stiffed when buying fish online I have never actually filed a chargeback, but I used the threat of it recently to get money refunded when a seller sold me low quality angels with stumpy fins instead of the premium quality fish I paid for and then was refusing to make it right.
  11. Most people don’t know this, but the credit card monopolies have legal charge dispute adjudication in their term agreements with vendors who accept credit card payments. This means that you can file a chargeback dispute with your card issuer if a vendor gives you a unsatisfactory product like sickly or low quality fish. The card issuer has the legal authority to grant judgement against the vendor and force them to chargeback the amount you paid. This is a tool that should be used judiciously as abusing it will get you banned from using it in the future. If you are having a dispute with a vendor even threatening to file a chargeback will often get them to comply with you as they do not want to deal with the adjudication process. This applies to everything you buy with a credit card, but is especially useful when buying live fish online.
  12. A Hang on back filter will wipe out all your duckweed in a month.
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