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  1. Accepted delivery of some cinder blocks and 2x8x12s yesterday morning. Spent the day moving the materials down into the basement and setting up my rack. All went well other than one fairly warped board. Threw it on the first level and it’s looking fine with the weight of the blocks on it. Changed the outlet closest to the rack to a GFCI this morning. I had extras laying around so no big deal. I’ve heard conflicting things about using GFCI’s in the fish room but I figured better safe than sorry. Now to wait on another coop order so I can get this 20 gallon long going!
  2. Another Hoosier checking in. Got quite a few of us on here!
  3. Hello everyone, a fish keeping newbie from NE Indiana checking in! Just got into the hobby two months ago after seeing my dad’s hobby grow. I made a comment that I’d like to get into it and next thing I know he helped me set up my own planted 29g community tank. Now I’ve got various tank sizes sitting around ready to be set up, supplies for a cinder block rack on the way and just can’t stop watching fish-related YouTube videos… thanks dad! I watch old live streams from the coop about every night and try to soak in the info so I can make sure I do this right. Looking forward to learning from you all and meeting some like-minded folks!
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