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  1. Unfortunately, I lost him last night.
  2. Hi all. After cleaning my tank this morning I noticed that one of my EBA has a pretty significant injury to his mouth. Not sure if is a result of aggression from the Rainbow Cichlids or the other EBA or if he smashed it on something in the tank. I am not sure if I should just let him try and recover or move him to a qt tank. I added a little extra salt after my water change but not sure what else I should do. Appreciate any advice. thanks
  3. I had always read to wait 24 hours especially with iron supplements after dosing prime or other dechlorinators to ensure maximum effectiveness. Although i have never really noticed a difference.
  4. I Totally agree keep calm! I lost power on Christmas eve for 36 hours where the inside temps of the house dropped to around 51 degrees. I had recently purchased a battery air pump from pondforse (Coop's dual pump wasnt available) and on intermittent setting ran both my 2 sponge filters for 40+ hours. Things i could have done better; 1. Wrap the tank in a blanket earlier to keep it as warm as possible, I did it but not until the tank temps dropped around 10 degrees 2. Unplug the heater so when the power restores you can control how fast it warms the tank up. i was a few hours away when the power was restored and by the time i got home the tank was back to normal temps. Probably too fast to not stress the fish but thankfully i only lost 2 fish in my main tank. (I did lose all 9 in my QT tank but that was my fault, i didn't have a battery pump available for it and the fish were already weakened from medications.
  5. My rainbow cichlids had a surprise successful spawn and now i have 50+ free swimming fry in my 75 gallon community tank. Every other time they ate the eggs or they were unfertilized. Thankfully I dont see any aggression from the parents at this point. I do have a QT tank setup with 1 electric blue acara in it that is slated to go into the community tank this weekend where i can grow out the fry if i could catch them...Tank is heavily planted with hardscape and trying to get them will be difficult. I was not really interested in growing them out but since there are so many free swimmers i might want to try...Any advice on catching them and best way to raise them? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the advice. Think i am finally on top of it. Just finished dropping the temp back to normal operating and everyone is looking good. I will have to keep an eye on everyone to make sure nothing comes back up.
  7. Pretty sure it isn’t stress ich. About 13-14 of the inhabitants had it all in a few days and has cleared up from all but 5. Lost 2 cardinals but every one else is looking good now. Just concerned that it will spike again if I drop temperature.
  8. Just purchased focus and kanaplex from Amazon so that will be a few days. I will start steeping the garlic tonight as well.
  9. Here is an older photo (about 8 days ago) of the cardinals. I dont have a current one. i will try and get one of the acara tonight since he is the only one that is still showing lots of cysts. i will try the garlic infusion, i cant add more salt as my well water already has plenty of salt in it naturally.
  10. So i know i have already posted something similar in the General Discussion forum but i have a slightly different question. I have just stopped ICH-X treatments after doing it straight for 2+ weeks. I also have had the tank at 86 degrees for over a week during that same treatment time, yet i still show a white spots on some of the fish. My cardinal tetras only have a few but my EBA has a decent amount still on their fins. Nothing looks new but also doesn't appear to be going away and i dont see any new infections in other fish. Is it common that the cysts remain on the fish even after the treatment has killed all the parasites? Or does this indicate i still have an active infection? I thought that once the temp was raised to 86 the parasite could not reproduce and 2 weeks of ich x should have killed all the theronts. Everybody is eating and acting well so i am not sure what to do at this point. thx PH 7.2 - 7.4 Nitrates 20-30 ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 KH 0-10 GH 150-180
  11. Thanks. My well water has a decent amount of salt in it already so I don’t generally add more but I may have to. Lost the fist cardinal tetra last night so I am getting really concerned for the rest of the fish i am changing 33% daily before adding 37 ml of ich-x. I haven’t seen kanaplex before so will try to hit up my lfs and see if they have it
  12. Unfortunately even after quarantining my new additions for 3 weeks and not seeing any signs of infection or off behavior I still got ich in my 75 gallon after adding them. I immediately started with raising the temp slowly to 83-84 and treating with ich x. I started that last monday (7 days of treatments so far) and i dont think i am making a dent. Looks like only my smaller fish, juvenile electric blue acara and my black neon and cardinal tetras are still showing spots but I am getting concerned about keeping the temp up that high for so long. i am also worried that the prolonged ich will lead to some secondary infections, i can see a little fin and tail issues on a few of the fish but hoping that once the ich is gone it will heal. should i start with maracyn or wait until the ich clears up?
  13. similar at mine...24-48 hours (48 if they know you well) with fish remains and water sample. (you need to have salt in your water as well) But overall their stock is healthy and well kept so low loses if you do your part.
  14. I use a meat thermometer something simple like AmazonSmile: Kitchen Food-Cooking Meat Coffee Thermometer – Pocket Espresso Thermometer for Milk Foam Frothing Chocolate Water Grill, Turkey, BBQ Temperature Stainless Steel 1" Dial 5" Long Stem: Home & Kitchen
  15. I use rabbitgoo window privacy film. easy and pretty inexpensive. i would probably paint my next one as i doubt I will be able to repair or replace this without a lot of draining of the tank.
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