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  1. Ok thank I will get phosphate kit just to double check but one the reasons were worried was because in the one with less muck it was brand new only like 4ish weeks old with snails in it so we needed to make sure it was not something else I will keep this updated until the problem is solved
  2. For both or just one we need to make sure we do not have black mold
  3. Hi I have been having a smell in my room I looked at the filter and need to identify if it waste sludge or black mold and it is also occurring in my brothers room
  4. I have having a problem with one of my rummy noses it has dropsy and o what I have looked as no real recover from it or is way to expensive to probably recover and I want to know what I should do
  5. He is swimming ph is 7 gh 180 Nitrites 0 nitrites are 0 and Kh is 120
  6. One of my rummy nose fish is having trouble swimming and need help identify what is wrong
  7. So I two have badis betta and many other fish in a 30 gallon aquarium and I learned after I bought the badis the y are very finicky eaters and slow and betta would not be able compete for food with my betta I have had them for almost 6 months of mostly them be self sustaining and no other fish can compete with them for the best food which on a pice of driftwood I bought apparently because they are hunting the nano snails in my tank Which I got from one snail so now the fish that get the most food are the badis and they are very healthy with rest of the fish.
  8. Ok thank you I will see if that works
  9. Yes she has 10 three spot Rasboras and a mix of 5 Corydoras Albino and panda all members have been added of the course of the year between august and June the tank normal temperature is 26 Celsius her water parameter are 00Pm 0 nitrites 0 nirates ph 7.0 Kh 180 Hardness 25
  10. Hi everyone I am new fish-keeper in the hobby and I just started keeping a betta a few months ago but now she is hanging out near the bottom and is completely healthy she shows no signs of disease and is not slow or lethargic if someone could please identify what is wrong with here that would be great. ps sorry could not get image phone does not want to send video of her
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