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  1. Hello fellow aquarium enthusiasts, I am embarking on an new project and could use your collective wisdom and experience. My next venture is to create a biotope aquarium that accurately represents Cambodia's rich aquatic ecosystems. As we know, the key to a successful biotope aquarium lies in its authenticity – selecting the right flora, fauna, water conditions, and even the substrate to mimic the natural habitats as closely as possible. For this project, I'm particularly interested in sourcing fish species that are native to Cambodia. I've a resource https://aquadiction.world/countries/cambodia/ which provides a list of species native to Cambodia. It's a good start, but I'd love to explore even more options. Do you know any other reliable resources that provide information on Cambodian freshwater fish species? In addition, I would be grateful for any stocking ideas you might have. What combination of species would you recommend for a harmonious, sustainable Cambodian biotope setup? I'm open to all suggestions. I look forward to hearing about your experiences and any advice you can share. I truly believe that the best part of our hobby is the community and the shared learning that comes from these discussions. Thank you in advance for your help! Best regards,
  2. @ CT_ Would the cory shrine in this video be okay? lol
  3. Sorry Fish Folk, forgot to thank you for your reply! Appreciate your time and effort!
  4. Ill see your Jelly Bean tetras and raise you a Neolebias powelli, bet they are even harder to find! 🙂
  5. Think I am in love with a tetra featured in this video , the "Fire Ant Tetra" - Hyphessobrycon myrmex but literally can't find any information on them, anyone have any experience with these guys?
  6. Keep a few years ago, mine were quiet shy hiding in caves about 50% of the time, keeping them with plants and smaller fish was a mistake I made while keeping them, very hardy fish not to keen on their own kind in my experience. probably doesn't help 🙂
  7. Does anyone have any experience with these? Saw some in my LFS but haven't heard of them before, thinking of picking up 6 after work tonight to go with my Glowlight Danios!
  8. My taps 50 ppm 😞 Thanks for the reply and input, it is appreciated 🙂
  9. Thanks for the reply, when I say params I mean nitrates and the rest. My tap water has higher nitrates than my aquarium believe it or not 😞 Any thoughts on topping up tanks using water from dehumidifiers now and again?
  10. I stopped water changes about 5-6 months ago and only top up tanks, its a very established aquarium 400ltr and maybe some would say is overstocked by fish. I do a water parms test every week and everything if fine so I just figured why keep changing water when params are fine? So my question is are most people doing water changes without testing the water and just doing it anyway? TBH when I was doing weekly water changes the params weren't as good as when I stopped, go figure. So do you think people should do water changes for the sake of it or only if params are out? Thoughts? Any problems for not doing water changes if params are fine?
  11. Gardenman that's great to hear people still use the old books, I remember my dad had one, (no photos just illustration's), when i was little and it was like my bible 🙂
  12. Do the rainbow shiners display colour all year round or just spawning seasons?
  13. Found some interesting tetras with nice photos listed on this site last night 65 Different Tropical Aquarium Tetras - Rare & Common (aquadiction.world) Seriously Fish is also another good one but reading on mobile is a bit of a nightmare!
  14. Be careful with the tv above the aquariums, I did this with a 65 inch and it ruined it a couple of weeks later, think condensation got in to the TV. 😞
  15. Medaka rice fish are winter proof option, maybe not a bucket though but depends how big it is I guess, could work, worth checking out as a winter pond fish that's a bit different?
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