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  1. Mixture. From 30x12x12 down to 8 inch cubes. Yeah, I haven't been the best with taking pictures. It's taken 2 months to get to this stage though. I'm really just waiting on my friend to make the tanks now. I think he's starting this week.
  2. Cheers Voltron. I've always wanted to do something on this scale. I'm making my own filters at the minute. Should save some cash.
  3. Griznach... They're going to be a mix, but nothing bigger than 30 inch, ranging from 6-12 inches wide. I like my small fish, so I'll be breeding livebearers, killifish, Bettas and anything else I can find.
  4. Hi, just joined. I've been watching the YouTube videos for years, and keeping fish for 30+ years. Just setting up my new fish shed, and hoping to pick up tips for breeding different species. Pictures are of the shed. No tanks yet,and still a mess, but getting there.
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