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  1. I have a tank with Yellow Leleupi and multies. My issue is I have way too many babies, like 50 Yellow Leleupi babies. My question is should I get a group of Calvus ? What's more wrong culling them or using a natural control ? My other question is will they eventually grow big enough to eat the adult multies ? ( the multies have yet to spawn I think because the huge influx of the yellow Leleupi) 55g tank, rocks, tons of shells, ocean sand and eco complete, wet-dry filter and medium aquarium coop sponge filter and a good amount of Java fern and a struggling amazon sword. Aquarium coop test strip read good and no deaths. Thanks from me if you can help me in my decision
  2. I just started them as well over a year ago, good advice I have read is dont get too attached when they are figuring out there pecking order you will have deaths. From all the diff opinions out there its hard to know what to do so try not to take them so seriously and stick to the basic there are certain ones that are more aggressive and overstocking is best. It really seems to comes down to individual personalities. I have multiple diff kinds of males and some females and they breed. I also have holey rock so the babies have places to hide. I have had to give away like 12 babies that grew up in the tank at this point. Its a 3 to 1 ratio of males and females. Good luck and dont get discouraged when one dies there is only so much you can do (easier said then done)
  3. Kaiyopop Carbon Fiber Aquarium Heater 300W / 500W with LED Digital Temperature Controller, anyone try this one ?
  4. Brandon good idea, thank you It is certainly a huge source of enjoyment just planning and researching. I will look those lights up, Thank You
  5. The controllability is becoming increasingly important for me as the industry catches up with the available technology. Could you imagine what a company like google, with all there resources could come up with. I feel like there are more high tech good, options out there for the reef community than for plant community. Also I think it hasn't been exploited in the way that it could be. Price is an obvious hurdle but seeing what the reef led lights can do for coral, I like to imagine what is possible for a planted tank. I think that is why I am interested in trying something like an Orphek Light bar and compare to something like a fluval It would be interesting if there is a difference to me. Possibly I would only need one and that would be cheaper but maybe two but that would not be so much more than a fluval.
  6. That all makes alot of sense I think that was one of my concerns would it be wasted on a low tech tank with tangs. The fluva is going on the tropical tank anf l I am going to start that tank in the middle with the idea of graduating to high tech if I am not getting the results I want. I actually have some flood lights on my Mbuna tank, they work but are too yellow so I think going forward I am gonna spend the extra 40$ and get a finnex for my low tech. Thank you both for your insights I will keep doing the research as well.
  7. I have (2) 55g and (1) 40g 3ft that over the next 6 months I will be setting up, 2 Tanganyika and Tropical community that I am gonna make my daughters first aquarium. I plan on having all 3 planted and I want to try 3 differient lights. My choices right now is the 2 brands from the COOP fluval and the finnex but I also want to use the orphek plant light strip and I want to know if anyone on here has used a orphek, in the reef community orphek has gotten high marks as a company and I wanted to know if anyone on here has actually used them? I would be putting the fluval on the tropical tank bc that will have the most diverse plants given tangs parameters.
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