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Retired Systems Analyst/Programmer/Consultant

Feel like I'm new to the hobby since so much has changed in the 45 years since my last tank. In my 20s, I had several tanks, starting with the usual 10g and culminating with a 120 gallon that I had built into a divider wall - complete with all the plumbing. My father was an incredible help as he did most of the design, plumbing, and electrical. I filled that tank with fish that just about everyone would have told me I was crazy if done today. There were Bala Sharks, Silver Dollars, Clown Knife (he was beautiful), a Pleco, Angels, Halfbeaks, Hatchets, & many more that I can't recall. And they all coexisted just fine. I would never attempt that again. Especially the Clown Knife as he grew much faster and bigger than I had anticipated. 

Today, we live in the Independent section of a senior facility. It was a move of necessity that couldn't be better, however, they do have a few restrictions. Our Pet Policy states that we can have 1, 10 gallon tank. But because we live on the main floor and my past experience with the fish keeping hobby, they gave me permission to setup a larger tank. Of course that went from a 20 gallon to a possible 29 gallon to an actual 45 gallon. And a 20g and 10g as I was deciding on which fish I would be keeping. The only real issue and restriction is placement. There are light switches and a thermostat that restrict length to 36" and 12-13" wide due to a pathway in front of the tank. So the 45 gallon was the largest tank I could find that would fit within those parameters. 

I really wanted a Cichlid tank (love Yellow Labs) but didn't want to restrict them in this tank, so I decided to go with a Community tank. I currently have 12 Gold White Clouds, 5 Panda Corys, 6 Otocinclus, 1 Koi Marble Angel, 1 Gold German Ram, 1 Red Honey Gourami, & 2 Nerite Snails.

Unlike 45 years ago, I have learned to do a lot of testing. And there is so much more information with easy access thru the internet. Still have a lot to learn and looking forward to having this forum as a new source of help and support.


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