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  1. Salsadoo

    Fin Rot?

    I've had them for about a month and just noticed the fin damage today. They are active, seem healthy, and do allot of fin nipping. So could this be fin rot or just aggressive behavior? pH 7.4 Nitrates 25 Hardness 300 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 90 Water Temperature 78
  2. Ok that's smart. I might have to try that.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't mind just rehoming the babies but those buggers are hard as heck to catch. Plus they are in a pretty heavily planted tank with way too many hiding places. I'll probably just replace the chili rasboras in the tank with something that will snack on the eggs... I think their mouths are a bit too small to eat them.
  4. I have a heavily planted 20 long and started with 8 pygmy corys. Now I think I have about 15 and today I noticed them doing the chasing and mating thing again. My tank was comfortably stocked in the beginning now its heavily stocked and pretty soon I have a feeling that I'm going to be overrun with pygmy corys. Anybody have any ideas on how to get them to stop? There is a gaggle of chili rasboras, a couple hillstream loaches, about five cherry shrimp, and a single honey gourami. I was thinking of rehoming the chili's and some of the more amorous Cory's them putting in something that will actively eat the Cory eggs. Anybody have any ideas on a fish that will play nice and eat eggs?
  5. Good chance I'll go whole hog on co2 but I'm still in the testing and experiments phase with my milk jug DIY... lol.
  6. Yeah I'm somewhat afraid that the pH will crash by morning so I took out the snails I had in there. This is really just an experiment on a spare tank I use for plants. Wanted to see if it would be viable for my main. As for the heater I want to say that it can be fully submerged since thats how I have always used it but I no longer have the instructions. It's called the Fluval m50 submersible heater so I guess... Yes.
  7. Hi folks! Ok so I got bored and I made a DIY co2 doohickey. Basically just a milk jug and yeast. The reaction is unregulated and well it seems to be making a ton of bubbles. Umm is this too much and will it be safe to put fish in this tank?
  8. Yeah I think your right. It's been staying under 3 inches but thats probably because I'm not giving it any root fertilizer. Thanks!
  9. I bought it as a tissue culture months ago and it's taken forever for it to start growing. It was supposed to be a carpeting plant so I thought it was Crypt Parva but the color is off. Maybe it's deficient on something? Anybody have any idea what it is?
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