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  1. Okay thank you! Do I have to look for any specific details or chemicals listed in purchasing pool filter sand? Or do I just Google pool filter sand and any brand will suffice?
  2. Hello! I currently have betta and khuli loaches (in quarantine before introducing to betta). My plan was to purchase "topfin fine gravel" it is very sand like. Unfortunately lots of customers at LFS said the product reeked of a chemical smell and of nail polish! So now I'm back to square one, I will be returning this product, it's a good thing I delayed my substrate change and didn't use the sand! My question is what brand of sand do you guys use thats safe for bettas/loaches. Thank you 🙂
  3. @odd rock absolutely agree, everyone said sandstone has a tendency to absorb and also I heard it turns jelly like over time because it will be submerged under water. Why are all the pretty stuff forbidden for aqauriums lol.
  4. Perfect thank you! I may put my betta in breeder net so he doesn't eat all food, he's a piggy. It will give the loaches a chance to eat lol
  5. I actually didn't end up purchasing them. Seller claimed it was 100% sandstone. I got someone properly identify them, turns out it was a mix of different rocks such as granite, and other components. I didn't feel comfortable putting them in my tank because of this, I didn't want minerals leeching in the tank. It's a shame cause they are gorgeous! I guess I'm stuck with pet store rocks. I heard a family pet store that sells good rocks so I will check it out
  6. Hello! I have a betta who gets fed once every other day. Can khuli loaches be fed on this kind of schedule? Of course if they can not I will feed them whenever you guys recommend I feed them. I just want everyone fed at same time. Thank you 🙂
  7. Hello! I found these stunning rocks on etsy. The seller says she collects them from river bed, forests, and mountains. How would I go about sanitizing them for my tank? Thank you 🙂
  8. Colu, So your saying stress coat is fine to use with ick x, fritz maracyn and fritz paracleanse but not prime because it's sulfur based?
  9. Thank you for the info! I agree with u on the odor, prime definitely has a sulfur smell and I notice api stress coat doesn't. I reached out to api and hopefully they can give some answers. I checked on the bottle and I didn't see any ingredients other than oleo written in the name which was no help. I hope they can get to me asap cause I need to dose the tank tomrrow as for your last note, can I use any bacteria starter like api quick start or safe start instead of fritzym after meds treatment? I don't have fritzym at my LFS.
  10. On the ick x bottle it says dont use conditioners with sulfinate or sulfoxylate. Was wondering if stres coat+ had any of these ingredients? Also are maracyn and paracleanse safe to use with stress coat? And can I use fluval biomax with ich x, fritz maracyn, and fritz paracleanse? Thank you
  11. I know that carbon does block medication. Do you know if co ops sponge filter (the sponge that comes with the filter) is carbon? Or is it just a regular sponge that is black? Thank you 🙂
  12. Thank you very much for this information! Releived my loaches will be okay without eating. Do you know if co op's sponge filter (it comes in black I think) is made of carbon? I have this in my quarantine tank. Thank you! 🙂
  13. Hello! I'm new to this forum! I had a few questions about co op's article on quarantining fish. Im using the quarantine med trio 1. How much of each med trio should dose for a 7 gallon? Full dose? Half dose? 2. Will my loaches be okay not being fed for 9 days during med period? 3. Do I have to remove my filter media during dosing quarantine med trio? I currently have them on 7 gallon container with air stone and cycled filter sponges, and co ops sponge filter. Thank you! :)
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