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  1. If you have an established tank that is very seasoned I would do what everyone else has said and get ten, or as many as you think you can afford.

    In a seasoned tank they should do well and begin breeding shortly. 

    But in a fresh setup I would be a little more cautious. Buying ten may also be a great idea because if there are any issues you may have enough to insulate any losses. 

    Hope you enjoy your new colony. I love to sit and watch my cherries in the big tank. 

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  2. Our first tank was a 10gallon princess themed tank for my girls. They picked neon green, purple, and pink gravel. When we upgraded and I convinced the family to go with something more natural I placed a piece of the neon gravel on top of the substrate. You can’t see it unless I turn on the blue light. 

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  3. I’m still tanking, but I haven’t been very active on the forum lately because we added a puppy to our family. We looked for several weeks and bought a newborn puppy a few months back. He came to live with us in late July, and learning how to take care of an 8- 10 week puppy has consumed much of my hobby time. 

    Anyway, I finally get to post on this thread. Here is Bentley our 10 week old Shorkie. 




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  4. It doesn’t really look like Ich from my experience. Ich looks like someone salted your fish. And typically I see more spots on the fins than body. 

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  5. Black background 100% on every tank. It makes the fish and plants “pop”! I buy the vinyl pieces from a local store. They sell it in 12” sections I believe. I most recently used vegetable oil to adhere it, and it hasn’t moved. 

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  6. I’m going to do another update soon. 

    BUT I wanted to share. I went on vacation recently. I was gone seven days. This was the first time I didn’t scramble for a feeding block or shop auto feeders. I was nervous, but Cory said seven days should be ok. 

    I came home to find…


    Everything was fine! I still had fry and I have more Red Cherry Shrimp than before. Thanks for the advice Cory. I certainly worried a few times while gone, but the next time I will be more relaxed about it. 


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  7. For sure. It seems to be a learning curve that gets easier with time. 

    If I read that right you have your lights turned down in intensity? I also tried that. It did get rid of the green spot algae, but it also contributed to starving my stem plants. The Fluval 3.0 is too high for low light plants. You are probably doing it right, but you might try asking on this forum for setup recommendations (assuming you haven’t before). 

    It sounds like you are grasping the issues, and only need some tweaks to get it where you want it. Like others have said in this thread, we can’t eradicate algae. Inhad read that Green Spot Algae can be cause by too many phosphates. That is why I am watching the decay plant situation closely. 

  8. @Acara Mom I have high phosphates so I’ve never looked into how to raise them. I’ve tried bringing them down with more Brenda cleaning and light feeding. 

    I believe raising phosphates can be done with heavy feeding, but phosphate test kits only test for inorganic phosphates. So you may have phosphates and possibly even raise them without seeing it. I believe you can raise them by over feeding and leaving dung plants in the tank. 

     I am currently trying to remove plant debris as soon as I see it. 

    Do your plants show phosphate deficiencies? This would be indicated by yellowing leaves with soggy brown patches. 


  9. 26 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

    So far I find I get some algae on the lower parts of leafy stem plants, but my big problem is the lower stems losing leaves and ratty. 
    Your PSO looks super healthy but I like the convex look of your scape in the first pic. 

    I have had that too. My understanding on that is the plant isn’t getting enough light on those lower areas. Maybe turning up the light would help? I think placement can be a factor too. If they are shaded out you will lose those leaves. If the stem melts it probably has more to do with the lack of roots. I think you need to cut the melting stem to the first roots node and replant if you are seeing stem melt. 

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  10. 38 minutes ago, HH Morant said:

    When a plant breaches the surface as yours are doing, does it begin to get CO2 from the air?

    My understanding is that we plant can absorb CO2 from the air once they get that large. 

    My concern over CO2 is that the water changes could cause CO2 fluctuations in the water and I know I’ve read that BBA thrives off the instability. But you are right, the plants that break the surface are not limited by CO2 in the water. 

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