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  1. I prefer it to sit around the 20 ppm mark, but I do a water change if I test and see above 50 ppm.
  2. $14 for a Reticulated Hillstream Loach that didn’t make it through quarantine…
  3. If you have an established tank that is very seasoned I would do what everyone else has said and get ten, or as many as you think you can afford. In a seasoned tank they should do well and begin breeding shortly. But in a fresh setup I would be a little more cautious. Buying ten may also be a great idea because if there are any issues you may have enough to insulate any losses. Hope you enjoy your new colony. I love to sit and watch my cherries in the big tank.
  4. Our first tank was a 10gallon princess themed tank for my girls. They picked neon green, purple, and pink gravel. When we upgraded and I convinced the family to go with something more natural I placed a piece of the neon gravel on top of the substrate. You can’t see it unless I turn on the blue light.
  5. I agree with @Warren Peace and @JakeH looks like a rotalla to me.
  6. I know it will be a while before we start to see the videos… but I CAN’T wait for them to start.
  7. I was searching YouTube trying to understand aquarium plants. This guy who was straight forward and knowledgeable kept popping up. I thought it was weird that the channel was named Co-Op, but after watching a few videos I subscribed.
  8. Tennessee for me! I love it here. I’ve been here my entire life. I’m not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and I’ve grown up enjoying the waterways and mountains.
  9. He’s been fun so far, but a lot of work. We haven’t had a dog in years, and never one so young.
  10. I’m still tanking, but I haven’t been very active on the forum lately because we added a puppy to our family. We looked for several weeks and bought a newborn puppy a few months back. He came to live with us in late July, and learning how to take care of an 8- 10 week puppy has consumed much of my hobby time. Anyway, I finally get to post on this thread. Here is Bentley our 10 week old Shorkie.
  11. Mitch Norton


    It doesn’t really look like Ich from my experience. Ich looks like someone salted your fish. And typically I see more spots on the fins than body.
  12. Black background 100% on every tank. It makes the fish and plants “pop”! I buy the vinyl pieces from a local store. They sell it in 12” sections I believe. I most recently used vegetable oil to adhere it, and it hasn’t moved.
  13. We redid our home’s landscape after buying the house a couple of years ago. I water once a week from my 75 gallon, and my neighbors ask me what is my secret.
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