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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'll update when I can about how things are going 👍
  2. the tank is about a month and a half old. we first added the mystery snail when we had the tank for 3 weeks. we also added some java moss and anubias nana to the tank and we didn't cure the plants since we thought the chance they would have snail eggs on them would be pretty slim. a week later we got the water tested at a pet store and they said it'd be ok to add just a few fish while the tank finishes cycling so we got 3 lemon tetras. 1 week after that we added 2 more so we'd have a school of them. about a week ago we noticed the planter we have the anubias in was covered in snails so we tried a snail trap (didn't work) so we took the planter and plant out. about a week ago we noticed a rock decoration in our tank had a bunch of snails on and in it! (it had holes to swim through) so we took it out. we did a water change last sunday and took out about 1/3 of the water. 🐠
  3. We tested the water in my 20 gallon tank (photo is the results) and I dont know how to neutralize the ammonia. We did a water change on sunday (first one ive ever done as its a fairly new tank and ive never ha fish before). We're also having an issue with a bunch of ramshorn snails in our tank which we think is a reason why the ammonia levels are spiking as there are only 5 lemon tetras in there and a mystery snail. We are thinking about some sort of chemical option because we've taken out atleast 30 ramshorn snails already and there's more! We tried a DIY snail trap that didn't work and tried putting a bit of carrot in the tank (also didn't work). We're planning to try 1 more snail trap (any recommendations for them?) And if that doesnt work we might go with a chemical option and get our mystery snail his own 5 gallon tank. Any pieces of advice or recommendations is appreciated! 🐠
  4. I think what we're planning is to try a different snail trap first. We tried a DIY one that we couldn't do for a whole day because our mystery snail kept trying to get in it (we put algae wafers in it) and he kept getting stuck. We are thinking about some sort of chemical option and getting the mystery snail a 5 gal tank just for him.
  5. So basically my 20 gal aquarium has a bunch of unwelcome ramshorn snails in it! I believe they came from a plant we got at aquarium co-op (no hate) but I have literally no idea what to do to completely get rid of them. We took out the rock planter our anubias nana was in (which we believe to be where the snails came from) about a week ago. Just a few minutes ago I took out a rock decoration in the tank that I saw more snails on! Does anyone know of any other ways to gwt rid of them that wouldn't harm my mystery snail or my lemon tetras (there's 5 of them)? Or should I get my mystery snail his own smaller tank? Please help! 🐠
  6. @Nooby the tank has been cycling for 3 weeks and they said it would be okay to add a few fish.
  7. Just a few days ago we put 3 lemon tetras in my fish tank (first fish to be put in the tank its a pretty new tank we're gonna get 2 more in a week to have a school of them). We got them from the in person aquarium co-op shop and we're trying to get them to eat hikari mini fish pellets and they're barley touching it. The second day we had the one jumped out the tank (the lid doesnt really fit the tank perfectly) we don't know how long he was out but we put him back in and hes doing better today atleast. We tested the water to see if something was wrong with the water and nothing but the nitrites were a little low. We modified our hob filter cause the flow was too strong and we put in an air stone. We've had them for 3 days and they still seem stressed and wont really eat. I dont know if I even want to own fish anymore if theyre just gonna be stressed their entire life. And I feel like giving them back and just quitting cause I feel like I cant give them a proper home because theyre still stressed after 3 days of owning them. I dont know what I'm still doing wrong for them to still be stressed or if its normal or if I should just give up on fishkeeping.
  8. would i be able to keep a honey gourami with 5 lemon tetras and 5 black phantom tetras in my 20 gal long lightly planted tank? there is 1 anubias nana and some java moss in the tank and we're planning to get floating frogbit. would that be overstocking? 🐠
  9. @Patrick_G I'm gonna be getting 10-12 lemon tetras and we have a mystery snail in the tank already 🙂
  10. I'm pretty new to fish keeping and I have a Fluval Aqua-Clear 30 hang on back filter (20 gal long tank) I'm getting fish sometime this weekend and I'm finishing shopping for the aquarium (getting lemon tetras and it has a mystery snail in it) and I was wondering from yalls experience if a pre filter sponge would be beneficial for my tank. (my tank has been cycling for the past 3-4 weeks with that filter) (live java moss and 1 anubias nana in the tank and we're getting some floating frogbit this weekend) 🐠
  11. how many lemon tetras could I keep in my 20 gal long tank (with mystery snail)? and recommended tankmates? 🐠
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