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  1. Why on earth is my CO2 flow surging instead of being consistent? I hope this video link works so you can see it: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1zXp5YF3oceA8ezp9 I've been fiddling with the regulator valves, the connections, etc for days and I just can't get it to be a consistent flow. This is my first time attempting CO2 and it has sure been a headache. 😒
  2. Thank you everyone for the tips (and reassurance that I'm not too far off track just yet). 😅 A little more info for those who asked: I'm planning to use the Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green since it is what I have on hand. The substrate is ADA Amazonia Ver.2 My tap water does not have ammonia or nitrates and PH is around 7.4. I tested this new aquarium just now and the PH is especially low (6) -- should I be worried about this? Or just do some water changes and hope that PH will eventually stay closer to 7?
  3. I'm still relatively new to planted aquarium keeping. I have a low tech 10 gallon that has been going reasonably well, so I just took the plunge on setting up a 29 gallon. I ordered a "combo pack" of plants that turned out to be way more plants than I was expecting. I'm not totally sure that they'll be very compatible. There's everything from low-light plants (java, crypt, anubias) to the higher-light plants (dwarf baby tears, pearl weed, vallisneria). I tried to place the plants somewhat strategically, but may not have been entirely successful. Have I gotten myself into trouble? I have several more questions for anyone who has the time and willingness to share their experience and thoughts. Feel free to pick and choose topics you have interest in: I expect that most of the plants will melt back and take a while to really begin growing. Should I limit the lighting and fertilizer during this time? Any thoughts on what might be a good initial baseline for lighting/fertilizer? (There are not any fish residents just yet.) The current light is just an Aqueon OptiBright LED that the tank came with. I probably need something a bit better for the plants -- right? I haven't taken the plunge into CO2 just yet... should I? If so, any good resources for a beginner? Any tips on staying ahead of algae? I've included a photo. The water is still a bit hazy from the initial fill and planting. Feel free to offer critique.
  4. So... my juvenile clown pleco appears to have ich, although it could also be epistylis? I'm still relatively newish to fishkeeping, but I'm definitely trying to do my research and help this guy out any way I can. I'm on day 4 of 30% water changes and treating the tank with Ich-X. He's looking just as bad, if not worse. Am I just being too impatient? He's still fairly active, but doesn't appear to be eating much of anything (I've offered cucumber, yellow squash, Hikari algae wafers, etc). I'm thinking I should try to treat with some antibiotics as well, in case it is epistylis? Would it work to mix an antibiotic into some Repashy? Any other suggestions for ways to prepare antibiotics that he might actually consume?
  5. Thanks for the input from everyone. I wouldn't have thought of parasites as a possible cause so I'm glad I asked. I will do a treatment for parasites and offer bloodworms.
  6. Live foods are a little more than I wanted to sign up for at this point in my fishkeeping journey. 😅 Since he keeps spitting up what little he will try to eat, I was thinking that bloodworms might be too big. I could be wrong though. (Wasn't counting on buying 5+ varieties of fish food one week in either 🤑)
  7. I brought home a betta about a week ago. He's in a planted 10 gallon with consistently good water parameters. He looks healthy and happy. Nice color, beautiful fins, cruises around all day and comes to check me out when I am near the tank. The problem is, he doesn't eat. I've tried multiple types of pellets, flake food, freeze dried food, frozen brine shrimp, etc. He's either not interested at all, or he'll try one piece and then regurgitate it more often than not. Since he's spitting up some of the foods, I thought maybe some of the pellets were too big or hard. I've provided some micro pellets and finely ground flakes however with no real luck. I'm getting worried that he's just going to gradually fade away at this rate. Any ideas?
  8. Hi friends. I am in the process of setting up a 10 gallon low tech planted tank. I have kept some fish in the past, but it has been quite a while and I'm trying to do it "right" this time. My tank is set up with some plants and I have been adding some Easy Green but there are no fish residents just yet. I have used the Aquarium Co-Op test strips to try to get a sense for my "baseline" parameters. The water hasn't had any additives aside from dechlorinator. Based on my interpretation, it looks like the GH is relatively high for the "typical" PNW water, which surprises me? On the flip side, KH and PH look lowish. I'm not sure how concerned (or not) I should be about these parameters? Should I add anything to try to change the parameters to benefit my plants and fish? I'm hoping to keep a Betta and a few Kuhlis -- although also open to suggestion if there are some fish that will do better in this water.
  9. Does anyone know whether Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows will school with the "standard" White Clouds? For example, if someone had 4 of each variety, would they be a happy school of 8 or just two less happy schools of 4?
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