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  1. Hi it’s probably just end of life. I have not medicated the aquarium in months. I have not seen planaria Snails are so awesome; I treasure them too 🙂
  2. Hi! Thank you so much! I thought that the water is fine. I did a strip test, and everyone else is fine. I also changed 25% of water a few days ago. I also feed alternating frozen blood worms, cow heart, and shrimp, vibra bites, little ball pellets that are for loaches, and crab cuisine; maybe they need like greenery…? it is not dead. The black one is fine. And my rabbit ones are fine too mayen just end of life? I put it on a lily pad and fed it nori hard to see from the glare. 🤷🏽‍♀️🐌🥰
  3. Hi! I think something is wrong with 2/3 mystery snails. One is floating and the other one has some discharge from its foot and not as active as usual. The third one is fine. ***snail #1 (floating) and snail #2 (black) are the same age, and #3 is their offspring. I noticed there aren’t egg clutches either….perhaps bc it’s winter? the tank looks lucious and clean, (except for some black bears algae that I’ve come to like hahahaha. I also have 2 “rabbit/elephant” snails which seem fine.
  4. Hi, thank you all so much! i purchased the inkbird and two 150w heaters. Hopefully will arrive soon. I’m deeply grateful.
  5. This heater is about 2 months old. I bought the fluval. yesterday, the aquarium was hot. This morning, 70F. the problem is that where I live it’s 30F one minute, the next it’s 80F. I’m thinking about the wifi heater. idk how to do the thermostat suggested here. Does anyone have the wifi heater?
  6. Hello, I am having issues regulating the temp in my 55G aquarium. I have 300W heater and when it was winter I kept the house temp at 60F and the water was PERFECT at 78F inside the aquarium now the temps are labile, and I can’t find a way to keep it stable. It got to 86F then I changed water to help it go down… I had one fish die, one mollie is bloated, and the black mollie has white patches. I’m terrified that my fish will die. what can I do? the heater I have is supposed to have a thermostat, however, I’ve noticed, that it keeps turning on and off and adding heat. so when I’d increase the house heat to 70 the tank would get hotter, so I couldn’t change. Idk if this makes much sense…. I hope I can figure it out.
  7. Hi I watched this video! How great!!! thank you! I built a chicken coop from scratch w scrap woods… I can build a quarantine tank!!! Hahhaha do you know anything about the scoops I’m supposed to use to measure the meds? I bought this bundle on Amazon w all the stuff @Columentioned. you’re all so awesome here! I had started replying this morning, but never did send… yellow was dead when I got home from work. Should I treat my other fish? idk if my other fish are sick too. im devastated.
  8. Hello Mr/Ms @Colu I am waiting for the meds to arrive. yellow looks a little better with the cone-like scales decreasing in size. However, he is still very bloated. I do not have a spare tank.. I’m trying to figure out how to isolate it, and in the mean time, I’m waiting for the meds you recommended to arrive. I do have Maracyn and Paracleanse from AC.I’ve used those with the frogs and they’re fine. Could I use those? I’m hoping that Yellow will make it. also,,, what kind of scoop are you referring to in the directions? I have babies from a Gold doubloon Molly… now on top of this Hahahha I’m a mess but I have not lost any fish since august when I started this hobby, and I’m not ready to lose them now! It was so cool to see a pic here that I posted when they were so tiny right from the store! I’m getting carried away 😂 i truly appreciate your time and expertise. Your advice is gold! thank you!
  9. Thank you! I appreciate your time so much! I definitely need help. And I did feed the snails. I put algae tabs and bottom wafers, and I bought food from AC that is waiting for me at the Post Office. I’ve had them for about 1 week, and they’ve already grown about 1/4”! I have three and a yellow “glass kisser” (it’s what I call it) lol 😂 they’re so fun to watch! 🐌 🐠 🐟
  10. My precious Yellow, is having this weird scale separation… It’s really fat! Idk if it’s a male or female, so I thought it was pregnant as I see some dark spots on its belly. There is a fish that gives babies, idk which one it is… but it just had babies, so it’s not Yellow! It has remained fat and now has pointy scales. Is it sick? It is swimming around as usual, didn’t have much appetite this morning. My fish are gluttons! But all the other ones look healthy.
  11. Hello, So, I loved Cory’s idea of repurposed fish poop water for plants and avoid waste… and huge plus, plants get sooo great on this! but using the no-spill system, can I collect the water? I feel te very wasteful. So I probably will only use it for filling and use the old fashioned for cleaning…? needless to say: I made a HUGE spill with the no-spill!! I need tips and tricks on using this, please. dumb it down as much as possible too. (I’m not dumb, but new on this)
  12. I’m so grateful for all the comments! Thank you! It’s my first time having fish and chickens Hahahha can you tell? I appreciate the advices and will work on creating more hiding spaces. With gratitude, Sara.
  13. Thank you! I also got chickens this summer, and I read they bully each other when bored. The brown tetra kept bullying the pink one, so I thought they’re bored. hahahaha
  14. Hello, I’m curious about toys for the fish in my aquarium, so they don’t get too bored. (here as I stumbled upon your vacuum video…wonderful) I have 10 fish in a 25G tank. (3 tetras, 3 guppies, 1 mollie, idk what the yellow one is 😂, and idk what the orange one is either Hahhaha) I forgot the rainbow one hahaha omg 😱 I also have a frog… it’s name is Rene. Also, I think I need more pebbles for the bottom? I have had these fish for 1 month. When should I clean the bottom? thank you.
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