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  1. Shaking and waiting on the API liquid tests. trying to remember which bottle to shake, for how long, then "does the vail get shaken for a minute?" its all non sense!
  2. SOLVED!! At least to my satisfaction. Your mileage may vary, I guess. I know the errant bubbles don't really take away from the function of the filter, but I really just didn't like seeing them. It could be an issue with knowing they can be "optimized" and mine wasn't. So, I included the steps I took below as well as some pictures for reference. 1. Shorten up the male end of the air stone. I tried this by itself thinking I couldn't shorten the tubing any further so this brought the air stone up a bonus 1/8' 2. Find yourself a takeout sauce cup. the ones they give you extra oil and vinegar in at a sandwich place. 3. Cut the side of the cup and then cut off the rim then cut off the bottom. I then took the curve out of the plastic to make a nice 1/2" clear strip. 4. Take that strip and tuck it between the sponge and the frame. 5. Enjoy I know you can do the same thing with an extra tube and what not, but I didn't have any parts like that laying around. Hope this helps anyone looking for that "optimized" experience.
  3. I went ahead and added an extra disk to the air stone and really cranked down on the cap. The errant bubbles have lessened, but still pop up once a second. I guess ill just let it sit and work itself out over time.
  4. Anyone have recommendations to optimize the Nano sponge filter? I've tried the Ziss air stone as well as a normal air stone to get bubbles to stop escaping from the sides with no luck. I haven't tried to put a piece of tube down around the air stone, mostly because the uplift tube on the nano doesn't fit down there. The uplift tube is also not wide enough to even fit the ziss inside of. I've also tried lowering the air, really not running that high as is, and that doesn't seem to help either. Honestly the only way I've found to stop this is by running no air stone at all, but that pretty loud.
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