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  1. So I'm looking into upgrading my fish room. Looking for a 125. Where do people get the best deals on those? The big box stores usually only carry 75 gal where I am.
  2. Thank you guys. I really love cichlids. I am planning on doing two more tanks in the very near future. Are German blue rams another option for my water parameters?
  3. Was keeping platty fish cause my kids picked them out. They all died except 1 😫. So now there is Buenos ares tetras and angels. Angels are my favorite.
  4. So I have well water and my water is lower ph (6.2-6.4) and have soft water and low kh. What fish would be a good fit for my water parameters. My son picked out platty fish and they have all died. My angels are doing great. Need some advice on fish that will fit my water parameters as I don't have ro system yet. All advice is appreciated
  5. Hey co op family. My name is Aaron from NC. Brand new to the hobby. I have wanted a tank for a long time. Started with a 37 gallon and can't wait to add more. Doing reno on the house and plan on building stand for double 125s. That's the next goal.
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