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  1. Should I remove any filtration? I don't use carbon. I have a hob with prefilter sponge on intake, 3 foam bricks inside and a biowheel. A fluidized bed with K1 and an additional sponge filter...
  2. The flashing does continue...I added paracleanse to the food...
  3. Mostly, yes. Took him out after nitrites were too high.
  4. This tank just finished cycling, I don't want to mess with the bb. I just added pellets to the slurry and it absorbed it. Want to feed it to her, are you saying not to??
  5. Most of the slurry got into the water, I am sure there has got to be a trick to this... I used Repashy thinking it would gel up and be easy, not so much. Pellets are too hard for fishy so should I soak first to soften them up? Then we are back to the slurry, lil help....
  6. pH seems about 7.4 or 7.6 ammonia greater than zero less than 0.25ppm nitrite 0 nitrate more than 20ppm close to 40ppm
  7. Little Spooky is flashing and red gills too. Dorsal fin is twitching!! On hand I have ParaCleanse, Maracyn, and IckX. She is in a 54g should I move her to the 20g to medicate?
  8. I think the nitrate is around 80, therefore I should do water changes to reduce?
  9. Any opinions or advice is welcome...When can Lil Spooky move back home? I see this as great water perimeters, any thoughts?
  10. moosepig

    Little help

    You were right Guppy Guy! I did leave some residue on the bottle...yikes.
  11. moosepig

    Little help

    I'm very happy to say the nitrites have dropped to the lesser purple, almost blue! The cloudiness has cleared some as well... Thank you for your kind words, and encouragement.
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