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  1. Irene thank you for the in depth answer. When I setup my tanks months ago I did a lot of reading and watched plenty of videos. Several were yours and I always take something away from them. I did put a small media bag with some crushed coral in each of my guppy tanks. My ph has dropped since I put them in several months ago. I’m guilty of not testing for KH and GH enough. Maybe the amount of crushed coral isn’t large enough or maybe I need to give the bag a shake in the tank every so often since I prefer a bare bottom tank. I did just setup a plastic tub and put my guppy in that has the issues. I treated with salt so we shall see. I also added a little equilibrium to each tank as well. This will be a work in progress until I can get a solid process in place to have more stable water parameters. thanks again
  2. My black Moscow male has a nice chunk of his fin growing what looks like some fungus. I’d love to get some advice from others with a lot more experience in how they handle this. With guppies especially males with larger tail fins I’m sure this is an ongoing issue. He is in a ten gallon with 4 females. Water change weekly. PH 6.8 ish 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite, nitrate between 5 and 10 ppm. I have Maracyn on hand but haven’t treated yet. I’m resisting the urge to kinda gently tug off that excess piece.
  3. I agree live baby brine shrimp are the best. Variety is also great so I feed fry several foods but lots of BBS.
  4. I love Java Moss as well and I agree I wish it grew faster. It’s also great to take a pinch out and put into a fry box. I’ve had success glueing it on drift wood in my bare bottom tanks. It looks great and eventually gets massive. My new fav is guppy grass though. It’s hardy and easy to move when netting fry. It also looks great. I liked hornwort but it is just too dirty for me. It was constantly shedding excess needles on the bottom. I do have some water lettuce still. It’s also hardy and fast growing. I swear I pick out so much each week it’s ridiculous. Pick which works best for you! cheers throw a few moss balls in for fun
  5. Thanks for your insight and experience. So you’re basically keeping a group of the best looking fish together regardless of relation to one another and letting them produce fry? I currently have 8 tanks with 2 more I can set up. I started with a group of albino koi. They’re beautiful but not particularly healthy so I’m not focusing on breeding them. I’ve since got 2 trios each of black Moscow and hd blue grass. From a reputable breeder on aquabid. The black Moscow and blue grass are each in their own tanks (so 2). I currently have about 200 fry ranging from almost 2 months to almost 3 weeks in several grow out tanks waiting to be sexed and split up. I’m just trying to game plan how I will breed the best looking as they grow out. I also have a LFS that should take excess fish as well and hopefully find a way for the hobby to pay for itself. I’ve always enjoyed keeping fish and breeding different species throughout the years. I use to breed some African cichlids like demasoni but when I moved last I couldn’t bring my colony or any tanks. To my wife’s delight! Now I went down the rabbit hole again and have somehow wound up with a fish room in my basement. I never really liked guppies until recently. I appreciate everyone’s insight. thanks again
  6. So some continue to line breed siblings for generations and cull the ones that aren’t desirable?
  7. Hello fellow fishaholics, So I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of having some fun breeding guppies but I’m still working on dialing in my plan for line breeding. I’ve read plenty and would like some feedback from those here that have had success and plenty of experience. Starting with the parents. Then producing 1st generation fry to second and so on. What are your methods? “In line breeding there are a few things to be mindful of, namely: It is recommended to allow female guppies to breed with the father, but never male guppies to breed with the mother.” Taken from guppyexpert.com i don’t have enough tanks to start with 2 sets of parents so I’m trying to figure out the best way to breed before potentially out crossing several generations down the road. Do any of you not outcross and maintain your lines just fine? The genetics and breeding properly is where this now gets interesting and somewhat complicated. I appreciate any insight you can add! thank you
  8. I picked up this at one of my LFS and they didn’t know what it was. I’ve since ordered some guppy grass because that’s want I really wanted in the first place but I’m curious what this is and if I’m going to keep it.
  9. Ok thanks! I’ll be buying some coop eggs.
  10. yes I have a ziss air stone and light. Maybe it is the eggs. How do you easily separate the bbs from the eggs when harvesting?
  11. So I have the brine shrimp direct hatchery and I like it but I wanted to try the Ziss after watching Corey’s video. I tried my first batch and the eggs all sunk to the bottom. That makes it super hard to harvest. I’ve setup my second attempt but thus far it looks like the same thing is happening. I am using the little glass viles of eggs from my LFS (San Francisco bay I believe). Will I have better luck with the aquarium coop eggs? Am I doing something wrong? Also how do you easily separate the bbs from the eggs when harvesting? I’m sure there’s an easier way and I’m missing something. Thanks I’m advance.
  12. Coof

    What is this?

    Wow!!! I just looked up king koi and also found another name lion head guppy. This is the second generation of albino red head koi guppy I got from my LFS. She is the only one to look like this. I’m. It sure how I feel about it. I don’t find it attractive and def don’t want to breed for it. But it is interesting. Also all I have for meds at the moment is ParaCleanse, Maracyn and Ich-x.
  13. Coof

    What is this?

    Ok so no need worry about contamination?
  14. Coof

    What is this?

    It’s not eating away. It’s more like big bumps.
  15. Coof

    What is this?

    She wasn’t born this way. It’s been progressively getting worse. She eats and swims fine. It looks like a deformity but I’m not sure and have never seen this before. I’m getting my quarantine tank ready to move her in case it’s something worse. The rest are all ok. I’m not sure if it’s treatable or if I should cull her. I don’t want to pass on the others either way.
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