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  1. I have a 15 gallon seasoned tropical tank with a large anubius. I want to get some new fish in soon but i'm not sure what I should go for. Any tips? I'm more than interested in adding plants to suit their needs as well. My only concern are fish that constantly breed as I am not in a situation where I can sell or rehome fry. I appreciate any suggestions!
  2. I've had a tank running for a few months now with some plants , snails , and fish. once I get a good ammount of algea I really want to get some shrimp ! I've done a lot of research but there's so many different kinds. my only requirement is any shrimp that could live in warmer water temperatures. I would really appreciate any recommendations !
  3. I'm looking into getting a carpeting plant for my 15 gallon betta tank. I love the overgrown jungle look , but there's so many plants to choose from. I would really appreciate some recommendations :'D
  4. within the next few days im hoping to get a java fern and possibly a crypt for my beta tank. I've seen mixed ideas and I wanted to know if I should cut the old leafs off and then put the plants into the tank , or if I should just let the plant melt back and regrow by itself. I would really appreciate any help ^-^
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